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Throughout the past few decades the United States has fallen victim to numerous violent events occurring in workplaces and schools with catastrophic results. Most notably are the shootings on the campuses of Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois. In order to ensure the safety of our campus, the Division is looking to empower the community with the knowledge and strategies for preventing and surviving an active shooter situation.




The following instructional videos are provided by The Center for Personal Protection and Safety, titled “Shots Fired – When Lightning Strikes.” This instructional program provides students, faculty and staff with critical guidance on how to recognize and ultimately survive an active shooter situation.


Click on the following links to view the videos. You will need to enter your University of South Carolina username and password. 


Shots Fired on Campus: When Lightning Strikes (College Edition)


Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes




The Division offers a Community Response to an Active Shooter presentation designed to educate our constituents on what to do, how to protect themselves, and how the police will respond in the event of an active shooter. We are happy to speak to U101 classes, academic courses, meetings, student / faculty organizations, residence halls, etc. free of charge.


To request a training or presentation please contact Major Geary at (803) 777-0507 or geary@.sc.edu.




Community Response to an Active Shooter Brochure (PDF)