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Carolina Food Co.

Our Team

Jacob Gims

Title: Gamecock Park
Chef Manager
Carolina Food Co.
Office: Russell House University Union 
1400 Greene Street 
Columbia, SC 29208
Chef Jacob standing in front of Spigner House smiling in chef coat

More about Jacob:

Chef Jacob has been exploring his love and passion for cooking for over 25 years. When he was 3 years old in pre-school when asked what he wished to be when he grew up he answered "a cooker". For many years to fallow his family acted as guinea pigs as he learned to cook. He attended a vocational high school for Culinary Arts and competed in SkillsUSA Ohio placing 4th in the state. Johnson and Wales University Charlotte campus is his alma mater, where he earned an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor's Degree in Food Service Managment. His passions include building and working with his hands and his goal is to continue to learn every day.

What is your favorite memory associated with food?

Growing up from a very young age I remember standing on a dining chair so I could reach the stove. I used to help my mom and grandfather cook as often as I could. Most often we would Italian comfort foods from scratch. To this day nothing beats Grandpa's fresh marinara sauce.

What advice do you have for anyone learning to cook for themselves?

For me learning to cook was a lot of experimentation, slowly over time building a mental library of what ingredients pair well together. So my recommendation is to have fun and enjoy the journey.

What is a fun fact the students should know about you?

When I was a pre-teen, I used to do animal balloon art at the county fair. I still whip out the balloons and pump every now and then.

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