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Carolina Food Co.

Our Team

Ryan Whittaker

Title: The Pavilion at Campus Village
Executive Chef
Carolina Food Co.
Office: The Pavilion at Campus Village 
1315 Whaley Street 
Building 1
Columbia, SC 29208
Chef Ryan standing in front of Spigner

More about Ryan:

I started out washing dishes and eventually cooking while I was a Biology and Engineering Major here at USC. I found that I liked my restaurant job better so I took a chance and followed that path. My wife and I previously owned 116 Espresso and Wine Bar in West Columbia for 10 years. After selling the restaurant I was a stay at home dad for two years before getting back into the culinary field as the Chef at Alpha Gamma Delta here at USC (Go Gam!).

What is your favorite memory associated with food?

My wife and I had dinner at a little Mom and Pop restaurant on the coast of Spain. Plastic picnic tables just set up under an awning. They just brought us bites to try until we said stop. So simple and unassuming but some of the best food and memories we've ever had. That night inspired the restaurant we opened. 

What advice do you have for anyone learning to cook for themselves?

I was an Honors Student here at USC in the late 90's.

What is a fun fact that the students should know about you?

Focus on learning techniques not recipes. You know flavors you like just learn how to execute them.


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.