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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

Request a Presentation

The national fellowships team is available to present to faculty, staff and students. Learn about our offerings and request a presentation.

Presentations Offered

We currently offer five general types of presentations: fellowships commercials, fellowships overviews, program deep dives, student voices and writing workshops. Each type of presentation can be geared to an appropriate audience, whether that be faculty, staff, undergraduate students or graduate students.

Our team will also work with you to create a custom presentation if needed.

Fellowship Presentations

A quick overview of our office and the resources we offer. Can be tailored to include specific fellowships of interest to target audience.

A session providing details on a specific subset of fellowships–e.g. fellowships for language study, for public service, for STEM majors. 

A session that focuses on one particular fellowship, what the application process involves and the benefits offered.

One or more of our Fellowship Peer Mentors sharing their experience applying for and receiving a national fellowship, and what they learned.

Tailored guidance on how to address prompts typical to fellowship applications (in general or for specific award).

Graduate Fellowship Presentations

This workshop introduces the basics of graduate school fellowships and grants, including what they are, when/where to find them, what you will need to apply and how National Fellowships can help. This session can be customized to cover specific funding opportunities for particular fields and degree programs.

Time: 30-60 minutes

This workshop covers in detail how to prepare a research proposal for graduate fellowships and grants.  We will examine each component of a proposal and address how to effectively prepare each part. This session is offered with specific versions for STEM, humanities and social sciences and biomedical fields, and it can be customized to particular programs and disciplines.

Time: 60-90 minutes

What should your CV or resume look like by the time you finish your graduate program? Learn to start building the track record as a grad student that will take you to your desired profession. This workshop will help you map out a practical personal development plan for gaining the academic and professional skills you need for your future career during your graduate program.

Time: 60 minutes

Connecting the dots between your research interests, personal experience, and professional activities is a key part of any job, postdoc or fellowship application. This interactive workshop will help you identify and articulate your distinct scholarly identity and teach you how to tell a cohesive story connecting your values, research and service.

Time: 60 minutes


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