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Carolina Scholars

Vasco Madrid

Calhoun Thomas Sr. Carolina Scholar 
South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics 
Beaufort, South Carolina 
Computer Science 

At UofSC, I honed in on my scientific and artistic passion by breaking down binaries and borders in class and through research opportunities. 

Impactful experience: 
Learning how to combine my interests in computing and the humanities through funded research at the UofSC Center for Digital Humanities has been one of the most impactful experiences I've had. I studied how scholars in these fields can work together to develop innovative knowledge systems. I began as a researcher in this field by using computing to interpret millions of book publication records throughout hundreds of years and in several languages. 

Enjoy most as a TS: 
I enjoy being a top scholar because it has given me the opportunity to be financially stable throughout my time at UofSC and focus on getting a great education through the honors college and participating in award winning research. 

Before going to UofSC I was unsure how I could combine my interests in computer programming with my interests in the arts and humanities. During my sophomore year I began interning at the UofSC Center for Digital Humanities and learned how my interests can support each other in the development of innovative systems of knowledge and digital platforms. I got funded through three separate grants to perform my research and I learned that digital humanities is the kind of work I want to dedicate myself to in my career. 

Post-graduate plans: 
Vasco will develop digital platforms for artists and activists in Columbia, SC to share their work and build a strong community. 

Career goals/professional aspirations: 
Vasco will develop digital platforms for artists and activists to help minority groups flourish and challenge systems oppression. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.