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Horseshoe Scholars

Nathanael Lemmens

Hendersonville High School
Hendersonville, North Carolina 
Mass Comunications 

My time at UofSC has taught me that learning doesn’t have to stay in a classroom – that instead I can explore what I love while being involved in my community and traveling the world. 

Enjoy most as a TS: 
The support network of friends and advisors is by far the best part of being a Top Scholar. Without this group of people, my university experience would have been significantly more  hectic, and far less rewarding. 

During the spring of freshman year, I took Introductory French with Madame Guillemin-Persels, simply out of a fleeting interest in father’s first language. I didn’t really have major intentions of using French professionally, or even taking a French class again at university. However, I walked away from that course with several close friends, and a passion for the French language. Fast forward to now, and I’m in an Advanced Communication Course with Madame GP. I have watched myself  become immeasurably more confident in my skills, and even put those skills to the test with one of those friends from class while studying abroad. To me, this path highlights the way a single course can unexpectedly lead to something incredible. 

Post-Graduate Plans: 
Nathanael is currently applying for jobs in the public relations and social media management fields, and is looking at a gap year program in Ireland in the meantime. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.