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Weather Update: UofSC Columbia campus will be closed Friday, Sept. 30 due to inclement weather. Classes are canceled and only essential personnel are required to report to campus. See for updates.

Scenes from commencement of students dressed in graduation caps and gowns.

Students wearing graduation caps and gowns laughing with each other.


Some milestones are more than cherished memories. A new chapter of tradition begins when you join our alumni family.

The president of the University of South Carolina presides over the official commencement ceremonies. Not only is each candidate recognized by name during the ceremony, graduates also are personally congratulated for their accomplishment by the dean of their college or school.


Congrats, Class of 2022!

Seniors tagged their graduation photos with #UofSC22 and we're excited to celebrate them with our #UofSC22 Gallery.  

Watch the Ceremonies

You can watch the Facebook live streams that were captured for each ceremony. A Facebook account is not required to view the recording.