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THEA 457: THA in Theatre Education


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Rostock, Germany

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This course will partner students from the U of SC with students from the Hochschule for Musik Und Theater (HMT) in Rostock, Germany. I have worked at this university several times as a guest professor and can attest to the excellence of their work in theatre and education. Students from the HMT already have relationships with community organizations that assist recent immigrants to Germany. There are many people from the Ukraine in Germany now. Our project will combine US and Germany students who will work with these community organizations to create a piece of theatre about whatever the youth and families from non-German countries want to create. They might want to discuss their experiences of surviving the war, or that could be the last thing they feel like addressing. The HMT and the U of SC students will be trained in how to generate new theatrical works implementing ethics of care with people across cultural and language contexts. At the end of our time together, we will have created a new community-based theatrical work to celebrate difference, community, and the power of performance.

Term: Summer

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