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ARTE 201: Beyond A Single Story: Using Artmaking and Personal Stories to Advance Cross-Cultural Understanding


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Accra, Ghana

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A space will be created where the USC-TRIO students will create meaningful opportunities to learn from and with children in Ghana, rather than imposing Western European stories upon.

The continent of Africa has been the target of an unfathomable amount of stereotyping, which has led to the widespread belief of much false information. This program can be used to dispel the "single story" narrative and myths from dual angles: the perceptions of African Americans about Africans and the perceptions of Africans on African Americans. Through art, children can express themselves in ways that they may not be able to communicate using words. The combination of artmaking (drawing, painting) and stories (verbal prompts or children's books) can spark meaningful conversations that will lead to cultural understanding. Sample critical questions include: Which stories do we remember? How can we learn from other cultures through their personal narratives? How can we bring life to stories in an artistic format? The stories that emanate from children will find their way into their school building as a physical work of art created by a local Ghanaian artist. The culminating artwork can be used as a teaching tool in the school. The USC-TRIO students come from a variety of majors and may have limited experiences in working with children. During the pre-orientation sessions, hands-on exercises (using art and stories) will assist in preparing USC-TRIO students for the Art and Story workshops.

Term: Summer

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