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College of Arts and Sciences

Law and Society Minor

The Law and Society minor allows you to engage with the law as institution, policy and philosophy across a range of disciplines. Develop your research and writing with critical thinking skills to go further in your career, whether in law, politics, advocacy and more 

The Law and Society minor offers a broad way to think about issues of law and justice in both contemporary and historical contexts.

Choose from courses in political science, comparative literature, religious studies, Jewish studies, anthropology, history, speech and more. 

Many paths to a career in law 

For those interested in the law as a field of study and as a potential career, the minor will: 

  • Excite your interest in the law. 
  • Get you reading, thinking and writing critically. 
  • Encourage you to think about the role of law in society. 
  • Invite intellectual curiosity and investigation in all its forms. 

USC doesn’t offer a pre-law major. In fact, many law schools prefer you study something that interests and challenges you. This minor provides additional preparation for the research, writing and communication skills needed to succeed in your work, in law school or in any number of graduate-level programs. 


Change your future, change the world 

The Law and Society minor gives you the tools to think about the influence of law beyond what is written in black and white. You’ll nurture your capacity for original thought and demonstrate that you are entrepreneurial in how you navigate your academic career.

Taking a broad range of difficult courses from demanding instructors is excellent preparation for legal education.

- Advice from the American Bar Association

Students who complete the minor are equipped for jobs in public service or careers dealing with legal issues, such as nonprofit management or advocacy work. You’ll also learn how to make your voice heard, whether you’re running for office, volunteering for a campaign or interacting with other citizens. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.