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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment


The National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Labor generally characterize degrees that study the earth, its waters and the human impacts on these systems in the broad context of geoscience. Based on the diversity of subject areas and the interdisciplinary nature of our degrees, the career options for graduates from the School of Earth, Ocean and Environment are varied. 

Workforce success

Some of the skills that SEOE graduates could use in transition from classroom to the workforce are:

  • Identify problems and needs
  • Operate scientific equipment
  • Make critical observations and evaluations
  • Observe, analyze and synthesize data
  • Analyze cause and effects
  • Formulate and defend positions
  • Think logically, critically and make analogies
  • Maintain group cooperation and support effective interaction
  • Make a commitment to others and follow through
  • Design and planning skills to meet changing needs

 Career options by sector

A few career options for those with an undergraduate degree in geosciences:

  • Botanist
  • College administrator
  • Counselor
  • Ecologist
  • Editor
  • Coastal planner
  • Ecological modeler
  • Educator – informal to educational institutions
  • Geographic information specialist
  • Marine conservationist
  • Fisheries manager
  • Lobbyist
  • Park ranger
  • Policy analyst
  • Public relations specialist
  • Permaculturalist/garden specialist
  • Hydrologist
  • Earthquake scientist
  • Mining supervisor

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Job Boards/Openings

Marine Science/Environmental Science oriented

Geological Sciences oriented

Environmental oriented

Current Openings we have been directly notified to advertise (Updated 6/26/24):

  • Advisors looking for graduate students in Marine Science/Oceanography: Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Conservation International is hiring a Project Manager. Applications reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • GHD Consulting (Winston Guidry) is looking to hire an entry level field geologist (BS Geology w/0-5 years experience) in their Decatur, Alabama office. GHD Job Posting - LINK
  • The Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability at Duke is looking for a Research Associate. Apply by June 30.
  • The EPA has a research opportunity for a Fellowship in Regional Global Change Research in RTP, NC. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis and close on Aug 2.
  • UNOLS Cruise Opportunity Program - Cruise Opportunity for FALL 2024. Apply to Expedition to Deploy and Recover Oceanographic Moorings, Profilers, and Gliders. Applications Due: August 30 

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