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Budget Policies

Budget Transfers, Commitments & Reimbursements

All chairs, directors and business managers are encouraged to monitor their annual budgets and request adjustments as necessary in order to forecast accurate year-end balances. To assist budget management, the budget transfer, prior approval, and commitment reimbursement forms have been added to the CAS online document library ( and are linked below. These forms were revised last year to accommodate the PeopleSoft chartfield strings. Please doublecheck your entries before submission to avoid errors and rogue chartfield strings.

Use the Budget and Transfer Request Form below to initiate changes to budget not related to College commitments. A budget by nature is a plan based on prior activity. As activities change, i.e., expenditures, you should adjust your budget to reflect actual current activity. Tips to keep in mind:

  • When re-allocating budget amounts, please verify that there is indeed enough in the object code from which you want to move budget.
  • Check the Finance Intranet dashboard to see whether revenue, IITs, etc., have already been budgeted before submitting a request to budget– if there are amounts in both the “Budget” and “Actual” columns and they are the same, it has already been budgeted. If there is a difference it will show in the “Current Balance” column indicating that is the amount that has not yet been budgeted.
  • If you are requesting a transfer to another department, please provide some documentation from the other department that indicates the fund and object code into which they want the funds transferred along with approval from the Dean.

The Commitment Preapproval Form is required for any request of an expenditure of $5,000 or more from a College commitment, except for those start-up accounts which have been front loaded for the fiscal year.

  • This form should be submitted well in advance to allow time for review.
  • If the expense has already occurred, skip this step and use the Commitment Reimbursement Request Form below. Please note the actual commitment reimbursement is expedited if you have obtained prior approval from the Dean’s office.
  • If the prior approval request form is for travel, please provide the dates of travel along with the purpose.
  • If requesting approval for salary reimbursement, please also include the fringe costs and provide dates for which salary is requested. All compensation requests must comply with University policies and procedures.

Provide as much detail as possible so that the Dean can make an informed decision when considering approval of the request.

The Commitment Reimbursement Form is used to request reimbursement from the College for expenditures related to a College commitment.

  • Reimbursement requests should be submitted monthly to keep your accounts from falling into a deficit balance. This also provides the Dean’s office with a more accurate balance of the outstanding commitments.
  • Commitment reimbursement requests should be submitted as soon as the expense posts to the general ledger. Keep in mind that as we approach fiscal year-end, only expenses that post in June will be reimbursed in the new year but must be submitted in a timely manner.
  • Provide the appropriate backup documentation (payroll print out/print out from general ledger) with the reimbursement request to verify the expense. If the description is general, please indicate an accurate description for the expense, particularly for those expenditures incurred on a P-card.
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of the end date of the commitment EXCEPT at fiscal year-end.
  • Please attach the Prior Approval Form approved by the Dean if you have one as this will expedite the reimbursement process.
  • Requests to extend a commitment should be submitted prior to the expiration date and must include a brief justification from the faculty member.

All expenditures must comply with University policies and procedures. Please note that reimbursement will not be allowed for any expenditure outside of the current fiscal year. You are encouraged to review commitment expiration dates regularly so that there are no issues with reimbursement.

You are also encouraged to regularly visit the College’s website for faculty and staff,, which provides a wealth of information regarding initiatives, polices, procedures, and contact information. Our office is here to assist with your budget questions and in providing guidance in budget projections for good fiscal management of our resources.


Please email your Dean's Office budget contact with any questions. 

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