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External Grant Awards

Please join us in congratulating the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and research associates who have won external grants and awards to promote their work.

This grants database lists recent external grants received in the college. As you ponder your external funding opportunities, we hope it will help you see the variety of projects Arts and Sciences researchers are pursuing with support from a significant number of sponsors.

Month Principal Investigator Sponsor Project Title Amount Keywords
(hidden column)
May 2024 Lu, Qun National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)/NIH Homeostatic Reset as a New Therapeutic Paradigm for Slow Progression Diseases $1,865,363  
May 2024 Outten, Franklin NSF Unraveling the novel functions of E. coli GrxD and its BolA and IbaG partners in Fe-S cluster and cell envelope biogenesis $1,117,707  
May 2024 Adams, Ian Arnold Ventures LLC (Laura and John Arnold Foundation) 2025 Interdisciplinary Policing Workshop $63,628  
May 2024 Wright, Parrish Loeb Classical Library Foundation Mythology, Identity, and Diplomacy in Pre-Roman Italy $35,000  
May 2024 Thorne, Frank Maryland Procurement Office/ONR/NSA Number Theory Meetings in the Southeast $22,222  
May 2024 Kunchur, Milind Wireworld by David Salz, Inc. Psychoacoustic study of audio speaker cables $39,999  
May 2024 Schatz, Jeffrey Prisma Health - Midlands Professional Services Agreement: 17553 LRRF - Psychology Services for Pediatric Hematology Oncology $22,266  
May 2024 King, Adam US Forest Service US Forest Service Curation and Prescribed Burn Graduate Research Assistantship $33,016  
May 2024 Bizimis, Michael NSF Collaborative Research: Investigation of Volcanism and Tectonics in the Bight Transform Region (55.5°N-57.0°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge) $390,747  
May 2024 Milling, Stephanie SC Department of Education (SCDE) Contemporary Dance Pedagogy Institute $35,000  
April 2024 DePratter, Chester Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island/USMC/DOD Continued processing and reporting collections from Charlesfort/Santa Elena Archaeological Site (38BU51 and 38BU162), USMCRD, Parris Island, South Carolina $937,760  
April 2024 Snyder, Maeve University of North Carolina Wilmington/NOS/NOAA/DOC Evaluating risk of tidal marsh inundation and monetizing services to prioritize management actions (sub to UNCW) $20,736  
April 2024 LoPresti, Eric Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund - Student Grant Proposal - Sierra Jaeger $5,000  
April 2024 Sutton, Christopher University of Colorado/DOE Accelerated Discovery and Demonstration of Advanced Perovskites for Efficient Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production $285,000  
April 2024 Walters, Wendell NSF Quantifying Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Nitrogen Oxides Emissions and Chemistry $422,847  
April 2024 Klein, Brent University of Massachusetts Lowell/NIJ/DOJ Research and Evaluation on Mass Shootings: An Examination of Evaluation of Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Laws, Leakage Activity, and Gun Obtainment on Public Mass Shootings $345,612  
April 2024 Hudac, Caitlin The Orphan Disease Center (at the University of Pennsylvania) Linking SETBP1-HD EEG Biomarkers to Clinical Profiles $88,740  
April 2024 Parrish, Lori North Carolina Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Facilitating the Pilot Design Workgroup for the Pee Dee School-based Behavioral Health Pilot (Contract) $36,478  
April 2024 Boggs, Carol NSF Integrating physiological and behavioral ecology: How limited resources and allocation trade-offs impact mate signaling $703,889  
April 2024 Peng, Xuefeng (Nick) The Simons Foundation International , Ltd. Fungal contribution to benthic nitrogen and carbon cycling in a productive ocean basin $810,000  
April 2024 Zhao, Jun Georgia Family Connection Partnership Georgia State University Research Foundation (GSURF), Inc./Georgia Family Connection Partnership $7,683  
April 2024 Milling, Stephanie SC Arts Commission Journey through Jazz Dance $30,000  
March 2024 Smith, Erik SC DNR/University of Michigan/NOAA Adapting salt marsh vulnerability assessment methodologies to southeastern salt marshes $65,101  
March 2024 Smith, Erik SC DNR/NOAA/DOC NERR Capacity Building: ACE Basin $118,366  
March 2024 Wang, Cuizhen (Susan) CORE SC at College of Charleston Mapping Oyster Reef Habitat to Support Resilience Planning and Wild Oyster Harvest in South Carolina $49,902  
March 2024 Banerjee, Meeta PRISMA Health-Midlands/DOJ Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Community Violence through a Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program $305,379  
March 2024 Ziolkowski, Lori RTI International/EPA Resource for Assistance and Community Training - Region 4 (REACT4EJ) $20,820  
February 2024 Walters, Wendell NSF Evaluating the Atmospheric Dynamics of Nitrate and Sulfate in Southern New England in Response to Emission Regulations $6,722  
February 2024 Adams, Ian University of Utah/National Institute of Justice Institutional Structure of Police Leadership $108,516  
February 2024 Barnes, Jessica NSF Geographic and Sociodemographic Variability in Air Pollution Exposure $144,474  
February 2024 Wang, Qi Clemson University/SC EPSCoR/SC CHE AI-enabled Mechanical Modeling of Cardiac Tissues $25,000  
February 2024 Schoenherr, Jessica NSF Collaborative Research: Precedent-Altering Opinions and Collegiality on the Supreme Court $74,803  
February 2024 Roberts, Jane National Institute of Child Health & Human
Development (NICHD)/NIH
PI - Rachel Hantman) Maternal-Child RSA Synchrony in Infants with Fragile X Syndrome $123,882  
February 2024 Weist, Mark University of Oregon/USDE Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports VI $257,274  
February 2024 King, Adam Forest Service, Francis Marion and Sumter
National Forests - USDA
US Forest Service Supplemental Project Agreement: Archaeological Survey and Collections Curation Services $104,405  
February 2024 Bourbonnais, Annie NSF Collaborative Research: Multiisotope and microbial ecology approaches to investigate sedimentary nitrous oxide production and consumption in the northern Benguela upwelling system $550,590  
February 2024 Brashears, Matthew US Army Research Office (ARO)/DOD Simulating and predicting social behavior from exposure and interaction with similar others: A data collection initiative and model advancement project $190,146  
January 2024 Morris, James Georgia Southern University/ERDC-Army/DOD Jekyll Creek Thin Layer Placement Monitoring and Analysis of Ecosystem Response $57,587  
January 2024 Chen, Hui National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD)/NIH Hierarchical Onset of Germ Layer Specification $36,189  
January 2024 Walters, Wendell National Science Foundation (NSF) Assessment of Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) Representation of Spatiotemporal Atmospheric Nitrate Chemical Production in New England $168,980  
January 2024 Alpert, Geoffrey Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Interventions in Police Body-Cameras: Truleo + Police Supervision $213,603  
January 2024 Boehme, Hunter US Department of Justice (DOJ) A longitudinal cohort mixed methods study of the impact of mental health on retention and turnover among early career police officers in South Carolina $1,000,000  
January 2024 Kupfer, John NC State University/US Geological Survey/DOI A Proposal to Host the USGS Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center $162,899  
January 2024 Stuckey, Melissa Elizabeth City State University/NPS/DOI 2022 HPF AACR - Elizabeth City State University (NPS AACR Historic Preservation Grant) $44,952  
January 2024 Stuckey, Melissa Elizabeth City State University/NPS/DOI 2022 HPF Elizabeth City Sate University - Principal's House Rehabilitation (NPS HBCU Grant) $49,498  
January 2024 Burgess, Lana SC Arts Commission SCAC Folklife Partnership Grant Renewal FY23-24 $70,517  
January 2024 Liu, Howard National Cheng Kung University/Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (CCKF) Informant Networks, Intelligence Selection, and State Repression $65,700  
January 2024 Lunz Trujillo, Kristin Boston University/NSF Assessing the Effectiveness of Common Health Messaging Tactics on Self-Reported and Validated Vaccine Uptake – A Multi-Method Approach $17,999  
January 2024 Smith, Courtnie SC Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $37,500  
January 2024 Goodyear, Albert SC Research Foundation/Felburn Foundation 23-24 Continuation of Analysis and Cataloging of Topper Site Artifacts $30,000  
January 2024 Stephenson, Donald Savannah River Operations (Administrator)/US Department of Energy (DOE) South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology/Savannah River Archaeological Research Program Cooperative Agreement: United States Department of Energy for FY2023 - FY2028 $4,964,015  
December 2023 Wethey, David National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature fromECOSTRESS $288,208  
December 2023 zur Loye, Hanno National Science Foundation (NSF) EAGER: Exploration of Apatite Room TemperatureSuperconductor Phase Space $299,996  
December 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH Assessing Everyday Function in Older Adults with theVirtual Kitchen (Subaward from Temple (Giovannetti)) $10,817  
December 2023 King, Adam National Park Service (NPS)/DOI NAGPRA Collections Documentation - 2023 $99,953  
December 2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin University of California, Santa Barbara/Padre Associates, Inc. Platform Holly Decommissioning Project EnvironmentalImpact Report Preparation: Santa Barbara County, California $18,449  
November 2023 Kimball, Matthew University of Michigan/National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA)/NOAA Evaluating oyster reefs as habitat: Comparing the utility of ecological metrics to assess ecosystem function $199,943  
November 2023 Speiser, Daniel International Human Frontier Science Program (HSFP) Organization Mapping structural and functional connectivity of the distributed sensory system in chiton armor $351,000  
November 2023 Wang, Cuizhen Clemson University/DOI South Carolina Water Resources CenterProgram Management $33,448  
November 2023 Monin, Alexander National Science Foundation (NSF) Taming Non-Perturbative Dynamics in HighEnergy Physics $225,000  
November 2023 Pershyn, Yuriy University of Texas San Antonio/NSF EFRI BRAID: Developing new classes of device networks based on computationally efficient dependent neurons $490,000  
November 2023 Petrov, Alexey US Department of Energy (DOE) Particle Physics Research Program $180,000  
November 2023 Hardy, Dean Mississippi State University/NSF RII Track-2 FEC: An interdisciplinary program for research, education, and outreach on climate change and adaptive resilience in the Yazoo -Mississippi Delta $942,782  
November 2023 Ryker, Katherine National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)/DOD JSHS Regional Science Fair 2024 $34,150  
October 2023 Benicewicz, Brian US Department of Energy (DOE) Gas Separations Using Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticle Membranes $330,000  
October 2023 Richardson, Susan Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)/DOD Development of two New Total Organic Fluorine Methods to Determine Total PFAS in PFAS-freeFirefighting Foams at Trace Levels $234,224  
October 2023 Klein, Brent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trajectories of Targeted Violence: Mobilization Trends and Interdiction Opportunities $751,842  
October 2023 Ford, Lacy National Park Service (NPS)/DOI The Southern Campaign of the American Revolutionary War Corridor Project $48,929  
October 2023 Kisselev, Olesya Pennsylvania State University(PSU)/USDE CALPER: Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research $168,401  
October 2023 Kulkarni, Varsha Space Telescope Science Institute(STScI)/NASA An Investigation of Claimed Silicate Dust Crystallinity in a z=0.9 Spiral Galaxy $28,855  
October 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University Health System, Inc./NIH Reducing Urban Cervical Cancer Disparities Using a Tailored mHealth Intervention to Enhance Colposcopy Attendance $134,050  
October 2023 Mitchem, Stephanie Mellon Foundation Amplifying WGST Community-Based Research $100,000  
October 2023 White, Scott NSF Intergovernmental Personnel Act NSF $201,401  
September 2023 Li, Jie National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)/NIH Expanding Natural Products Chemical Diversity by Big-data Analysis and Novel Biosynthesis $1,579,485  
September 2023 Sutton, Christopher AFOSR/USAF/DOD Unraveling the Role of Cation Solvation in Aqueous Zn-Ion Batteries: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Approach $600,000  
September 2023 Tang, Chuanbing NSF CCI Phase I: NSF Center for Polymers from Waste $1,800,000  
September 2023 Dubinsky, Stanley College of Charleston/SC Space GrantConsortium/NASA (PI: Lexington Whalen) Wordification: Reimagining How Spelling is Taught $6,000  
September 2023 Kang, Yuhao The Cartography and Geographic InformationSociety (CaGIS) Characterizing and Promoting Cartography and GIS Graduate Programs through Research Theme Discovery and Online Seminars $8,000  
September 2023 Donaldson, Bobby National Park Service (NPS)/DOI Booker T. Washington High School Auditorium Building Restoration Project $5,000,000  
September 2023 Donaldson, Bobby National Park Service (NPS)/DOI Cooperative Agreement between the Department of the Interior/National ParkService and the Center for Civil Rights History and Research: StrategicPlanning and Implementation for the CRC $3,362,100  
September 2023 Matthews, Marty National Historical Publications and RecordsCommission (NHPRC) The Papers of William Short - A Digital Selective Documentary Edition $110,000  
September 2023 Wang, Qi Clemson University/NSF RII Track-1: ADAPT in SC: AI-enabled Devices for the Advancement ofPersonalized and Transformative healthcare in South Carolina $3,416,272  
September 2023 Jin, Rongying Department of Energy (DOE) Directed Assembly of Metastable States for Harnessing Quantum Effects $600,000  
September 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH Deconstructing food parenting approaches to obesity prevention for the highly motivated child $24,802  
September 2023 Goodrum, Nada Society for Community Research and Action(SCRA) SCRA Research Scholars Program 2023 - ImPACT: Improving health for parents And Children Together $6,000  
September 2023 Hudac, Caitlin Arizona State/NICHD/NIH Reciprocity of Social Connection and Well-Being: Convergence of Temporal and Neural Underpinnings of Adolescent Social Connection Quality, Quantity, and Need $1,559,591  
September 2023 Zarrett, Nicole Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (PI: Olivia Staples) Health Policy Research Scholars $124,000  
September 2023 Weist, Mark East Carolina University/IES/USDE Improving Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Functioning elementary School Students through the Interconnected Systems Framework $1,756,552  
August 2023 Strosnider, William SC Sea Grant Consortium/NOAA From blue‐gray to blue‐green: Facilitating the transition to non‐plastic, natural material use within the coastal zone economy $2,321,986  
August 2023 Garashchuk, Sophya NSF Quantum dynamics with nuclear quantum effects: a hierarchical methodology for large molecular systems $530,000  
August 2023 Ge, Ting American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Controlling Equilibrium Swelling of Polyampholyte Gels Using Charge Sequence ‐ A Study Combining Molecular Simulation and Scaling Theory $110,000  
August 2023 Alpert, Geoffrey Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Interventions in Police Body‐Cameras $94,621  
August 2023 Cutter, Susan NSF RII Track‐2 FEC: Where We Live (WWL): Local and Place-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Underserved Rural Communities $1,780,000  
August 2023 Wang, Cuizhen US Geological Survey (USGS)/DO 3D Visualization of hydrogeologic raster surfaces in South Carolina Hydrogeologic Framework $34,982  
August 2023 Dahmen, Wolfgang NSF FRG: Collaborative Research: Variationally Stable Neural Networks for Simulation, Learning, and Experimental Design of Complex Physical Systems $599,999  
August 2023 Tsai, Wei-Lun American Mathematical Society (AMS)/Simons Foundation AMS‐Simons Travel Grant $7,200  
August 2023 Rorden, Christopher National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH Extending ezBIDS, NiiVue, and dcm2niix for user‐friendly cloud‐based integration and visualization $2,039,629  
August 2023 Smith, Courtnie SC Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $35,577  
August 2023 Frost, Daniel NSF $168,420    
August 2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin NSF Organismal Response to Climate Change (ORCC) $323,550  
August 2023 Broussard, Kathleen University of Texas at Austin (UTAUS) ‐ Population Wellbeing Initiative Fall course Buyouts ‐ 2023 and 2024 $23,774  
July 2023 Fisher, John Culture and Heritage Museums (York County) 2023 Watts Cemetery: Interior GPR Survey $3,765  
July 2023 Smith, Erik National Ocean Service (NOS)/NOAA/DOC North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve FY23 Operations $991,213  
July 2023 Heinrich, Tobias The Institute for Human Studies Learning to Trush Refugees: Border Security and Attitude Extremity $3,500  
July 2023 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NICHD/NIH Characterizing Top-Down Dimensions of Appetite Self-Regulation Among Preschoolers $24,802  
July 2023 Prinz, Ron NIGMS/NIH Behavioral-Biomedical Interface: Translational and Prevention Sciences Training $1,538,552  
July 2023 Bulusu, Subrahmanyam College of Charleston/NASA EPSCoR Understanding the Generation and Dynamics of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal using NASA’s SMAP Salinity and ECCO Estimates $35,000  
December 2022 Smith, Erik NOAA/DOC Building Capacity at the North Inlet – Winyah Bay NERR for conservation and restoration infrastructure projects $188,675  
December 2022 Armstrong, Alissa Silicon Valley Community Foundation Improving DEI via investigating the role of inter-organ communication in whole-organism responses to diet $1,150,000  
December 2022 Ge, Ting NSF CAREER: Molecular Modeling of Ring Polymer Mechanics - Expanding Applicability of Ring Polymer $516,622  
December 2022 Petti, Roberto CERN Neutrino Group CERN Project Continuation (Neutrino Platform) $40,000  
December 2022 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH mHealth-based Just-In-Time Intervention to Improve Physical Activity Microrandomized Trial $116,249  
December 2022 Coffman, Donna Temple University/NIH Behavioral and Biological Rhythms in Children's Obesity-Related Health Disparities SEARCH $92,300  
December 2022 Coffman, Donna Temple University/DoD Development of a Sensor-Based Movement Biomarker to Capture Upper Extremity Use $32,000  
December 2022 Smith, Courtnie SC Dept of Mental Health John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $9,650  
December 2022 Morris, James UNC Wilmington/NOAA "Coastal Resilience: Evaluating Risk of Tidal Marsh Inundation and Monetizing Services to Prioritize ManagementActions (Part 2)" $39,283  
November 2022 Li, Jie National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Enzymatic sulfur incorporation and modification in the biosynthesis of natural products $865,975  
November 2022 Crocker, Holly Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Civic Engagement, Voting Rights, and the Founding Documents at the University of South Carolina $500,000  
November 2022 Kulkarni, Varsha NASA / Space Telescope Science Institute (James Webb Space Telescope) Probing Silicate and Carbonaceous Dust and Ice in Distant Galaxies with Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Quasars with Foreground 2175 A Absorbers $167,376  
November 2022 Coffman, Donna National Cancer Institute (NCI)/NIH Developing Methodology to examine causal mediation of Time-Varying Effects in Smoking Cessation Treatments $144,610  
November 2022 Edmunds, Sarah Chan Med School Worcester - University of Massachusetts/NIMH/NIH Improving the Part C Early Intervention Service Delivery System for Children with ASD: A Randomized Clinical Trial(“RISE”) $70,628  
November 2022 Hudac, Caitlin University of Alabama Birmingham/NIDA/NIH HEALthy Brain and Child Development Study at UAB and UA $45,834  
November 2022 DePratter, Chester Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC/DOD Artifact Analysis and Curation Services - MCRD Parris Island Museum $99,540  
November 2022 King, Adam SC Department of Natural Resources - Heritage Trust Program Archaeological Testing at Spanish Mount $8,500  
November 2022 Ryker, Katherine National Science Foundation (NSF) Collaborative Research: Quantifying the extent of student learning and effect associated with observed levels of instructional reform $119,548  
November 2022 White, Scott Savannah River Nuclear Solutions/DOE Support of the South Carolina Seismic Monitoring Network $69,668  
November 2022 Senner, Nathan Universidad Austral de Chile/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/DOI Revealing Unknown Links in the Life Cycle of Shorebirds $39,490  
November 2022 Cutter, Susan Virginia Polytechnic Institute andState University (Virginia Tech)/Feeding America Strengthening Charitable Food Systems Capability $51,400  
October 2022 Becker, Kimberly William T. Grant Foundation Addressing Conceptual and Pragmatic Challenges to Measuring Use of Research Evidence In Children Healthcare by Leveraging Clinical Documentation $50,000  
October 2022 Serang, Sarfaraz Utah State University/NIAAA/NIH Longitudinal Impacts of Pandemic-Induced Disruptions on Adolescent Siblings’ and Parents’ Alcohol Use: AFamily Life Course Perspective $61,755  
October 2022 King, Adam SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Spanish Mount Archaeological Artifact Processing SC $5,804  
October 2022 Whitehead, Dustin SC Film Commission - SC Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism The South Carolina Film Training Partnership (GOS - Get on Set) $150,000  
October 2022 Snyder, Maeve University of Georgia/NOAA/DOC Evaluating the risk of tidal marsh inundation and monetizing services to prioritize management actions $6,643  
October 2022 Reisman, David Children's Leukemia ResearchFoundation Mechanism of a p53 intron-encoded lncRNA in maintaining the undifferentiated and proliferative state myeloid leukemia cells. $30,000  
October 2022 Welshhans, Kristy National Institute of neurological disorders and Stroke (NINDS)/NIH Regulating axon guidance through local translation at adhesions $1,872,670  
October 2022 Alpert, Geoffrey Charleston Police Department/City of charleston Charleston Police Department Racial Bias Audit Implementation: A Proposal to Conduct a Formal, ExternalReview and Assessment (ERA) of Progress $72,930  
September 2022 Li, Zhenlong University of Michigan/NIA/NIH Consortium Coordinating Center for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research on COVID-19 $29,948  
September 2022 Liu, Jiang National Science Foundation (NSF) DDRI: The Semantic Effect on the Processing of Emotional Prosody in Mandarin Chinese: ANeurolinguistic Study" (Cheng Xiao) $17,880  
September 2022 Hudac, Caitlin University of Alabama/NIMH/NIH Evaluation of the Underlying Structure of Adolescent Social Attention $82,283  
September 2022 Mitchem, Stephanie South Carolina Humanities/NEH Women and Gender Studies: Past into Future $8,670  
September 2022 Fisher, John Cultural & Heritage Museums, YorkCounty, South Carolina 2023 Watts Cemetery Survey, Historic Brattonsville, SC $4,847  
September 2022 King, Adam SC Parks, Recreation & Tourism Archaeological Investigations at Rose Hill Plantation $22,590  
September 2022 Smith, Steven The Chickasaw Nation Archaeological Survey of the Koni Aawaa', Tupelo, MS $5,980  
September 2022 King, Adam SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Cultural Resources Survey of Goodwill Plantation $47,930  
September 2022 Pinckney, James NSF Collaborative Research: THE BENTHIC MICROALGAL SUBSIDY IN ESTUARINE ECOSYSTEMS $844,365  
September 2022 Stone, Joshua NSF Collaborative research: Ecological and biogeochemical role of Rhizaria in the oligotrophic ocean $406,981  
September 2022 Andersen, Tia NSF Understanding How Mentoring Can Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Promote Positive Youth Development $403,569  
August 2022 Li, Zhenlong South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) Accessibility Analysis and Visualization of the Children and Youth Foster Care in South Carolina $34,479  
August 2022 Coffman, Donna Drexel University/NIDDK/NIH Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Interventions for Obesity $69,100  
August 2022 Frost, Daniel NSF Collaborative Research: Investigating Inner Core Evolution through multi-scale seismic investigation and inversion $6,452  
August 2022 Strosnider, William SC Sea GrantConsortium/NOAA Development of a fully biodegradable floating treatment wetland $9,429  
August 2022 Smith, Erik SC DNR/University of Michigan/NOAA  Collaborative development of novel remote sensing workflows for assessing oyster reef structural and demographic characteristics to inform management and restoration $23,005  
August 2022 Sahoo, Pabitra Johns Hopkins university/Merkin FamilyFoundation Establishing the kinetics for failure of axonal protein synthesis in chronic nerve injury $150,000  
August 2022 Shimizu, Ken NSF Development of molecular devices for the study of emerging non-covalent interactions. $491,394  
August 2022 Ellis, Jean SC Sea GrantConsortium/NOAA Evaluating Literacy and Perception of Coastal Dune Hazard Impacts and ManagementStrategies across the South Carolina Coastal Zone $6,163  
August 2022 Elfenbein, Jessica SC Humanities/NEH Wood Basket of the World: Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving southcarolina's Forests - Conference and Traveling Exhibit $10,000  
August 2022 Li, Wuchen Air Force Office of ScientificResearch (AFOSR)/DOD Transport information geometric computations $449,677  
August 2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE eRD110 Photosensors for EIC Detectors $4,000  
August 2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE EIC KLM R&D Proposal $25,500  
August 2022 Kulkarni, Varsha Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)/NASA Probing the Gas in and around Local Galaxies Mapped with Integral field spectroscopy $271,191  
August 2022 Bradshaw, Jessica Autism Science Foundation,Inc. (ASF) (Kaleb Phelps - PI) Autism Science Foundation Undergraduate Summer ResearchFellowship: Understanding the Diagnostic Experiences of Black Families $4,000  
August 2022 Cooper, Daniel National Institute of MentalHealth (NIMH)/NIH Maximizing the Impact of Preventive Interventions: Identifying Responders and NonResponders of an Evidence-Based Intervention for Low-Income Families Using Pearson-Centered Approach $165,647  
August 2022 Bourbonnais, Annie NSF Collaborative Research: Exploring the dynamics of nitrous oxide in the SouthernBenguela Upwelling System $147,450  
August 2022 Frost, Daniel NSF Imaging deep mantle structure beneath Alaska using full waveform tomography $221,284  
July 2022 Peng, Xuefeng  NSF Nitrous oxide production by salt marsh sediment fungi: its significance and mechanisms $990,239  
July 2022 Ho, Yen-Yi Brown University/NIMH/NIH ASH1L-mediated transcription networks in autism spectrum disorders $11,065  
July 2022 Goldberg, Katherine SC Department of Education (SCDE) African American History Instructional Materials Grant $75,000  
July 2022 Myrick, Michael Brewster Procurement Group/Haliburton Transmission of Commercial Schott Technical Glass 8250 and Validation of Commercial Lamp for ICE Sensor $33,998  
July 2022 Tang, Chuanbing American Chemical Society (ACS) 2023 ACS Project Seed at USC $15,000  
July 2022 zur Loye, Hans-Conrad Battelle Savannah River Alliance, LLC (BSRA)/SRNL/DOE University of South Carolina Providing Subject Matter Expertise in Critical Material Free Permanent Magnet Characterization $10,200  
July 2022 Ballard, Matthew NSF Collaborative Research: Derived Categories in Birational Geometry, Enumerative Geometry, and Non-commutative Algebra $217,591  
July 2022 Yang, Xiaofeng NSF Collaborative Research: Models, algorithms, simulations and applications for dendritic solidifications of two-phase multi-component alloys in the mushy zone $246,734  
July 2022 Angeletti, Giordano SC Humanities/NEH Paths to Freedom  $2,500  
July 2022 Datta, Timir Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD New Unconventional High-Tc Superconductivity $337,504  
July 2022 Booze, Rosemarie National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)/NIH Microglial modulation of neurocircuits in HIV/cocaine comorbidity $3,096,288  
July 2022 Bradshaw, Jessica National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH The Role of Autonomic Regulation of Attention in the Emergence of ASD $3,655,278  
July 2022 McQuillin, Samuel University of Virginia (UVA)/NIMH/NIH Evidence-Informed Mental health Prevention, Assessment, Collaboration, and Treatment in Middle Schools (E-IMPACTS)  $528,144  
July 2022 Teghipco, Alex PRISMA Health - Upstate The DREAM: developing a pipeline for integrating automated extraction of clinical data, quality data, and neuroimaging metadata in acute stroke hospitalizations (PRISMA seed grant) $13,530  
July 2022 King, Adam SC Army National Guard/DOD Mitigation of the Laurens Armory Renovations $17,137  

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