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External Grant Awards

Please join us in congratulating the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and research associates who have won external grants and awards to promote their work.

This grants database lists recent external grants received in the college. As you ponder your external funding opportunities, we hope it will help you see the variety of projects Arts and Sciences researchers are pursuing with support from a significant number of sponsors.

Month PI Name PI Dept Sponsor Project Title Amount
8/1/2023 Strosnider, William Baruch SC Sea Grant Consortium/NOAA From blue‐gray to blue‐green: Facilitating the transition to non‐plastic, natural material use within the coastal zone economy $2,321,986
8/1/2023 Garashchuk, Sophya Chemistry NSF Quantum dynamics with nuclear quantum effects: a hierarchical methodology for large molecular systems $530,000
8/1/2023 Ge, Ting Chemistry American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Controlling Equilibrium Swelling of Polyampholyte Gels Using Charge Sequence ‐ A Study Combining Molecular Simulation and Scaling Theory $110,000
8/1/2023 Alpert, Geoffrey Criminal Justice Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Interventions in Police Body‐Cameras $94,621
8/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography NSF RII Track‐2 FEC: Where We Live (WWL): Local and Place Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Underserved Rural Communities $1,780,000
8/1/2023 Wang, Cuizhen Geography US Geological Survey (USGS)/DO 3D Visualization of hydrogeologic raster surfaces in South Carolina Hydrogeologic Framework $34,982
8/1/2023 Dahmen, Wolfgang Math NSF FRG: Collaborative Research: Variationally Stable Neural Networks for Simulation, Learning, and Experimental Design of Complex Physical Systems $599,999
8/1/2023 Tsai, Wei-Lun Math American Mathematical Society (AMS)/Simons Foundation AMS‐Simons Travel Grant $7,200
8/1/2023 Rorden, Christopher Psychology National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH Extending ezBIDS, NiiVue and dcm2niix for user‐friendly cloud‐based integration and
8/1/2023 Smith, Courtnie Psychology SC Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $35,577
8/1/2023 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: High‐resolution imaging of the Elgin‐Lugoff earthquake swarm sequence and subsurface structures in South Carolina using a dense seismic nodal array $168,420
8/1/2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin SEOE NSF Organismal Response to Climate Change (ORCC) $323,550
8/1/2023 Broussard, Kathleen Sociology University of Texas at Austin (UTAUS) ‐ Population Wellbeing Initiative Fall course Buyouts ‐ 2023 and 2024 $23,774
7/23/2023 Smith, Erik Baruch National Ocean Service (NOS)/NOAA/DOC North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve FY23 Operations $991,213
7/1/2023 Heinrich, Tobias Political Science The Institute for Human Studies Learning to Trush Refugees: Border Security and Attitude Extremity $3,500
7/1/2023 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/NICHD/NIH Characterizing Top-Down Dimensions of Appetite Self-Regulation Among Preschoolers $24,802
7/1/2023 Prinz, Ron Psychology NIGMS/NIH Behavioral-Biomedical Interface: Translational and Prevention Sciences Training $1,538,552
7/1/2023 Fisher, John SCIAA Culture and Heritage Museums (York County) 2023 Watts Cemetery: Interior GPR Survey $3,765
7/1/2023 Bulusu, Subrahmanyam SEOE College of Charleston/NASA EPSCoR Understanding the Generation and Dynamics of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal
using NASA’s SMAP Salinity and ECCO Estimates
6/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch Maryland Environmental Service Model Evaluation of Poplar Island Responses to Rising Sea Level $59,689
6/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch NSF Collaborative Research: Not all nitrogen is created equal: Quantifying the effects of different nitrogen forms on
marsh persistence.
6/1/2023 Smith, Erik Baruch National Ocean Service/NOAA/DOC North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve FY22 Operations Award $780,500
6/1/2023 Krizek, Beth Biology NSF Transcriptional control of growth regulatory modules by AIL transcription factors $549,151
6/1/2023 Wang, Qian Chemistry Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc. Synthesis of Starting Materials of Glycolipids and Gangliosides $16,320
6/1/2023 Metcalfe, Christi Criminology
North Carolina Office of Indigent Defense Services
The availability of indigent defense in North Carolina and its relationship with local jail populations and pretrial
case decisions
6/1/2023 Ellis, Jean SEOE Slocum-Lunz Topographic analysis of dunes along a managed coast $1,200
6/1/2023 Hiscox, April Geography NSF Collaborative Research: Understanding Interactions between Mesoscale and Microscale Flows in the Stable
Boundary Layer over Shallow Terrain
6/1/2023 Donaldson, Bobby History National Park Service/DOI Cooperative Agreement between the Department of the Interior/National Park Service and the Center for Civil
Rights History and Research: Programmatic Activities for the CRC
6/1/2023 Matthews, Marty Southern Studies NHPRC
The Papers of William Short: A Digital Selective Documentary Edition
6/1/2023 McQuillin, Samuel Psychology The Duke Foundation Strengthening and Expanding School Mental Health by Integrating Community Mentors in School Problem
Solving Teams
6/1/2023 Roberts, Jane Psychology NIH/NIMH
Autonomic and Sensory Dysfunctions in FMR1 Conditions: Development, Mechanisms and Consequences
5/1/2023 Dragovic, Besim SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: Rodingites as Recorders of Tectonic Processes from the Seafloor to Convergence: A
case study of the Dun Mountain Ophiolite Belt
5/1/2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin SEOE University of St. Andrews/DOI Assessing Population Effects of Offshore Wind Development on North Atlantic Right Whales $14,833
5/1/2023 Fu, Zhengqing Biology NSF Coordination of Plant Growth and Defense Through Key Regulators in Salicylic Acid and Brassinosteroid
5/1/2023 Hollis, Brian Biology NSF Experimental speciation and the genomics of reinforcement in Drosophila $383,432
5/1/2023 Wang, Qian Chemistry NSF MRI: Acquisition of the MALDI-MS rapifleX system as an analytical tool to support multidisciplinary research at
University of South Carolina
5/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography South Carolina Office of Resilience Assessment of Resilience Best Practices and Metrics in support of State Resilience Planning Efforts $65,000
5/1/2023 Dow, Kirstin Geography Richland County Conservation Commission Heat Mapping in Richland County $6,250
5/1/2023 Hiscox, April  Geography Application Insight, LLC/USDA Radar-based Spray Drift Detection and Quantification System $23,053
5/1/2023 Schulz, Constance History NHPRC The South Carolina Revolutionary Era Pinckney Papers Projects: Preserving the Digital Research Assets of Two Digital Documentary Editions - Final Year $100,000
5/1/2023 Binev, Peter Smart State DASIV NSF Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference – FoCM 2023 $49,500
5/1/2023 Sun, Yi Math NSF Hybrid Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods with Applications in Biofabrication and Epidemics $176,321
5/1/2023 Federico, Alexis Psychology NICHD/NIH Infant Predictors of ADHD and ASD Symptomology $125,721
5/1/2023 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology Simons Foundation BioGENE Study at the Simons Searchlight 2022 Family Meeting $15,000
5/1/2023 Quattlebaum, Mary Psychology NIH Integrating Family Resilience and Cultural Assets to Inform the LEADS Health Promotion Trial with African
American Families
5/1/2023 Weist, Mark Psychology SC Dept. of Health and Human Services Development and Implementation of a SC School Behavioral Health Academy $3,224,526
5/1/2023 Fisher, John SCIAA SC Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Phase I Survey of a 20-acre Tract for the River Falls Access Area, Greenville County, South Carolina $14,829
4/1/2023 Fuente, David SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: NNA Research: Meq unguvatkarput (water is our livelihood) - building community
resilience for the future
4/1/2023 Habing, Brian Statistics National Institute of Statistical Sciences IPA for NISS Associate Director for Education Activities and Research $74,528
4/1/2023 Milling Stephanie Theater SC Arts Commission Culturally Responsive Dance Pedagogy as a Vehicle for SEL and Responding to Learning Loss in Dance
4/1/2023 Senner, Nathan Biology Science Mission Directorate/NASA Multi-Source Detection and Monitoring of Ephemeral Shorebird Habitats in an Agricultural Prairie System $92,564
4/1/2023 Welshhans, Kristy Biology Whitehall Foundation, Inc. Coordinated control of local translation mediates brain development $100,000
4/1/2023 Chen, Donna Chemistry Department of Energy Design of New Catalysts for the Generation of Clean H2 from Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers: Dehydrogenation
of Methylcyclohexane on Bimetallic Catalysts
4/1/2023 Stefik, Morgan Chemistry Department of Energy Understanding the Role of Defects to Accelerate Wadsley-Roth Niobates for Long-Duration Energy Storage $850,000
3/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography Society of Woman Geographers Fellowship Agreement for Sarah L. Jackson $12,000
3/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography NASA Identification of Disadvantaged and Low-Capacity Communities Subject to Wildfire Risks $120,000
3/1/2023 Lekan, Thomas History National Humanities Center “Conservation by Slaughter”: Wildlife Utilization and the African Origins of Sustainable Development $40,000
3/1/2023 Brown, Michelle Psychology NIH/NICHD Beneficial or Fostering Future struggles (B.F.F.s)? Characterizing the Role of Friends in the Developmental
Trajectory of Maltreated Adolescent
3/1/2023 Shinkareva, Svetlana Psychology The REAM Foundation dba Misophonia Research Fund An fMRI Investigation of Mental Imagery and Visual Correlates of Triggers in Misophonia $400,000
3/1/2023 Weist, Mark Psychology University of Florida/PCORI Equity-Enhancements to Reduce Disproportionate Unmet Mental Health Need of African American Children $43,348
3/1/2023 Smith, Steven SCIAA South Carolina Battleground Trust Archaeological Recovery At Camden Battlefield $87,646
3/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch Marine Biological Laboratory/NSF LTER: Plum Island Ecosystems, the impact of changing landscapes and climate on interconnected coastal
3/1/2023 Twiss, Jeffery Biology SC Research Foundation (SCRF)/Adelson Medical Research Foundation Targeting Axon Intrinsic Pathways to Accelerate Regeneration and Promote Neuroprotection $391,712
3/1/2023 Richardson, Susan Chemistry Clemson University/USGS/DOI Identifying PFAS Hotspots in Surface Waters of South Carolina Using a New Optimized Total Organic Fluorine
3/1/2023 Shustova, Natalia Chemistry US Department of Energy (DOE) Organometallic Catalysis from Molecular Catalysts Non-Covalently Confined in Metal-Organic Frameworks $225,000
2/1/2023 Jordan, Donald Ctr for Science Education National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)/DOD USC 2023 Center for Science Education, Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS) $28,252
2/1/2023 He, Siming Math NSF Topics in Mathematical Biology and Fluid Mechanics (Transferred Award) $123,611
2/1/2023 Pershin, Yuriy Physics University of California San Diego/NSF RAISE: MemComputing: from software to hardware $373,518
2/1/2023 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology GRIN2B Foundation Linking Brain and Behavior: A GRIN2B Biomarker $7,508
2/1/2023 Strosnider, William Baruch Clemson Univ (SC Water Resources Center) Quantifying ecological responses following floating treatment wetland application in brackish stormwater ponds $33,545
2/1/2023 Li, Jie Chemistry National Organization for Rare Disorders Improving PMP models for pre-clinical testing and evaluating PMP-associated bacterial functional metabolites in
PMP progression and treatment
1/1/2023 Shimizu, Ken Chemistry Petroleum Research Fund/ACS Hydrogen bonding protecting groups $110,000
1/1/2023 Ellis, Jean Geography NSF RAPID: Impacts and recovery of natural and managed coastal dunes on a South Carolina barrier island from
Hurricane Ian
1/1/2023 Donaldson, Bobby History National Park Service/DOI NPS AACR: Booker T. Washington High School Auditorium Building $500,000
1/1/2023 Elfenbein, Jessica History SC Humanities/NEH Wood Basket of the World: Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving South Carolina's Forests $2,000
1/1/2023 Wang, Zhu Math UC San Diego/ONR Nonlinear Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Model Reduction for Ocean Simulation and Tethered Air-Surface Vehicle
1/1/2023 Przybysz, Jane McKissick SC Arts Commission SCAC Folklife Partnership Grant Renewal $70,517
1/1/2023 King, Adam SCIAA SC Dept. of Transportation Administrative Services for ArchSite II, 2022-2024 $139,877
1/1/2023 Barra, Monica SEOE Social Science Research Council/Wallace Foundation SSRC Arts Research with Communities of Color (ARCC) Fellowship $70,000
1/1/2023 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: RAPID: Capturing the Elgin-Lugoff earthquake swarm with a dense nodal array $7,390
1/1/2023 Henderson-Platt, Andrea Sociology Rice University/The Issachar Fund Science and Religion of the Human Body $42,054
1/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch University of Georgia/NOAA NOAA ESLR - Sub to University of Georgia $39,102
12/1/2022 Smith, Erik Baruch NOAA/DOC Building Capacity at the North Inlet – Winyah Bay NERR for conservation and restoration infrastructure projects $188,675
12/1/2022 Armstrong, Alissa Biology Silicon Valley Community Foundation Improving DEI via investigating the role of inter-organ communication in whole-organism responses to diet $1,150,000
12/1/2022 Ge, Ting Chemistry NSF CAREER: Molecular Modeling of Ring Polymer Mechanics - Expanding Applicability of Ring Polymer $516,622
12/1/2022 Petti, Roberto Physics CERN Neutrino Group CERN Project Continuation (Neutrino Platform) $40,000
12/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/NIH mHealth-based Just-In-Time Intervention to Improve Physical Activity Microrandomized Trial $116,249
12/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/NIH Behavioral and Biological Rhythms in Children's Obesity-Related Health Disparities SEARCH $92,300
12/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/DoD Development of a Sensor-Based Movement Biomarker to Capture Upper Extremity Use $32,000
12/1/2022 Smith, Courtnie Psychology SC Dept of Mental Health John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $9,650
12/1/2022 Morris, James Baruch UNC Wilmington/NOAA "Coastal Resilience: Evaluating Risk of Tidal Marsh Inundation and Monetizing Services to Prioritize Management
Actions (Part 2)"
11/1/2022 Li, Jie Chemistry National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Enzymatic sulfur incorporation and modification in the biosynthesis of natural products $865,975
11/1/2022 Crocker, Holly English Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Civic Engagement, Voting Rights, and the Founding Documents at the University of South Carolina $500,000
11/1/2022 Kulkarni, Varsha Physics NASA / Space Telescope Science Institute (James Webb Space Telescope) Probing Silicate and Carbonaceous Dust and Ice in Distant Galaxies with Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Quasars with Foreground 2175 A Absorbers $167,376
11/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology National Cancer Institute (NCI)/NIH Developing Methodology to examine causal mediation of Time-Varying Effects in Smoking Cessation Treatments $144,610
11/1/2022 Edmunds, Sarah Psychology Chan Med School Worcester - University of Massachusetts/NIMH/NIH Improving the Part C Early Intervention Service Delivery System for Children with ASD: A Randomized Clinical Trial
11/1/2022 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology University of Alabama Birmingham/NIDA/NIH HEALthy Brain and Child Development Study at UAB and UA $45,834
11/1/2022 DePratter, Chester SCIAA Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC/DOD Artifact Analysis and Curation Services - MCRD Parris Island Museum $99,540
11/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Department of Natural Resources - Heritage Trust Program Archaeological Testing at Spanish Mount $8,500
11/1/2022 Ryker, Katherine SEOE National Science Foundation (NSF) Collaborative Research: Quantifying the extent of student learning and affect associated with observed levels of instructional reform $119,548
11/1/2022 White, Scott SEOE Savannah River Nuclear Solutions/DOE Support of the South Carolina Seismic Monitoring Network $69,668
11/1/2022 Senner, Nathan Biology Universidad Austral de Chile/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/DOI Revealing Unknown Links in the Life Cycle of Shorebirds $39,490
11/1/2022 Cutter, Susan Geography Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University (Virginia Tech)/Feeding America
Strengthening Charitable Food Systems Capability $51,400
10/1/2022 Tan, Changhui Math National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Nonlocal partial differential equations in collective dynamics and fluid flow $404,193
10/1/2022 Becker, Kimberly Psychology William T. Grant Foundation Addressing Conceptual and Pragmatic Challenges to Measuring Use of Research Evidence In Children’s
Mental Healthcare by Leveraging Clinical Documentation
10/1/2022 Serang, Sarfaraz Psychology Utah State University/NIAAA/NIH Longitudinal Impacts of Pandemic-Induced Disruptions on Adolescent Siblings’ and Parents’ Alcohol Use: A
Family Life Course Perspective
10/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Spanish Mount Archaeological Artifact Processing SC $5,804
10/1/2022 Whitehead, Dustin Theater and Dance SC Film Commission - SC Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism The South Carolina Film Training Partnership (GOS - Get on Set) $150,000
10/1/2022 Snyder, Maeve Baruch University of Georgia/NOAA/DOC Evaluating risk of tidal marsh inundation and monetizing services to prioritize management actions $6,643
10/1/2022 Reisman, David Biology Children's Leukemia Research
Mechanism of a p53 intron-encoded lncRNA in maintaining the undifferentiated and proliferative state of
myeloid leukemia cells.
10/1/2022 Welshhans, Kristy Biology National Institute of Neurological
Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)/NIH
Regulating axon guidance through local translation at adhesions $1,872,670
10/1/2022 Alpert, Geoffrey Criminology Charleston Police Department/City of
Charleston Police Department Racial Bias Audit Implementation: A Proposal to Conduct a Formal, External
Review and Assessment (ERA) of Progress
9/1/2022 Li, Zhenlong Geography University of Michigan/NIA/NIH Consortium Coordinating Center for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research on COVID-19 $29,948
9/1/2022 Liu, Jiang LLC National Science Foundation (NSF) DDRI: The Semantic Effect on the Processing of Emotional Prosody in Mandarin Chinese: A
Neurolinguistic Study" (Cheng Xiao)
9/1/2022 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology University of Alabama/NIMH/NIH Evaluation of the Underlying Structure of Adolescent Social Attention $82,283
9/1/2022 Mitchem, Stephanie Religious Studies South Carolina Humanities/NEH Women and Gender Studies: Past into Future $8,670
9/1/2022 Fisher, John SCIAA Cultural & Heritage Museums, York
County, South Carolina
2023 Watts Cemetery Survey, Historic Brattonsville, SC $4,847
9/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Parks, Recreation & Tourism Archaeological Investigations at Rose Hill Plantation $22,590
9/1/2022 Smith, Steven SCIAA The Chickasaw Nation Archaeological Survey of the Koni Aawaa', Tupelo, MS $5,980
9/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Cultural Resources Survey of Goodwill Plantation $47,930
9/1/2022 Pinckney, James Baruch NSF Collaborative Research: THE BENTHIC MICROALGAL SUBSIDY IN ESTUARINE ECOSYSTEMS $844,365
9/1/2022 Stone, Joshua Biology NSF Collaborative research: Ecological and biogeochemical role of Rhizaria in the oligotrophic ocean $406,981
9/1/2022 Andersen, Tia Criminology NSF Understanding How Mentoring Can Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Promote Positive Youth Development $403,569
8/1/2022 Li, Zhenlong Geography South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) Accessibility Analysis and Visualization of the Children and Youth Foster Care in South Carolina $34,479
8/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Drexel University/NIDDK/NIH Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Interventions for Obesity $69,100
8/1/2022 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: Investigating Inner Core Evolution through multi-scale seismic investigation and
8/1/2022 Strosnider, William Baruch SC Sea Grant
Development of a fully biodegradable floating treatment wetland $9,429
8/1/2022 Smith, Erik Baruch SC DNR/University of
Collaborative development of novel remote sensing work flows for assessing oyster
reef structural and demographic characteristics to inform management and restoration
8/1/2022 Sahoo, Pabitra Biology Johns Hopkins
University/Merkin Family
Establishing the kinetics for failure of axonal protein synthesis in chronic nerve injury $150,000
8/1/2022 Shimizu, Ken Chemistry NSF Development of molecular devices for the study of emerging non-covalent
8/1/2022 Ellis, Jean Geography SC Sea Grant
Evaluating Literacy and Perception of Coastal Dune Hazard Impacts and Management
Strategies across the South Carolina Coastal Zone
8/1/2022 Elfenbein, Jessica History SC Humanities/NEH Wood Basket of the World: Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving South
Carolina's Forests - Conference and Traveling Exhibit
8/1/2022 Li, Wuchen Math Air Force Office of Scientific
Research (AFOSR)/DOD
Transport information geometric computations $449,677
8/1/2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Physics Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE eRD110 Photosensors for EIC Detectors $4,000
8/1/2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Physics Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE EIC KLM R&D Proposal $25,500
8/1/2022 Kulkarni, Varsha Physics Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)/NASA Probing the Gas in and around Local Galaxies Mapped with Integral Field
8/1/2022 Bradshaw, Jessica Psychology Autism Science Foundation,
Inc. (ASF)
(Kaleb Phelps - PI) Autism Science Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research
Fellowship: Understanding the Diagnostic Experiences of Black Families
8/1/2022 Cooper, Daniel Psychology National Institute of Mental
Health (NIMH)/NIH
Maximizing the Impact of Preventive Interventions: Identifying Responders and NonResponders of an Evidence-Based Intervention for Low-Income Families Using a
Person-Centered Approach
8/1/2022 Bourbonnais, Annie SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: Exploring the dynamics of nitrous oxide in the Southern
Benguela Upwelling System
8/1/2022 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Imaging deep mantle structure beneath Alaska using full waveform tomography $221,284
7/1/2022 Peng, Xuefeng  SEOE NSF Nitrous oxide production by salt marsh sediment fungi: its significance and
7/1/2022 Ho, Yen-Yi Statistics Brown University/NIMH/NIH ASH1L mediated transcription networks in autism spectrum disorders $11,065
7/1/2022 Goldberg, Katherine Anthropology SC Department of Education (SCDE) African American History Instructional Materials Grant $75,000
7/1/2022 Myrick, Michael Chemistry Brewster Procurement Group/Haliburton Transmission of Commercial Schott Technical Glass 8250 and Validation of Commercial Lamp for ICE Sensor $33,998
7/1/2022 Tang, Chuanbing Chemistry American Chemical Society (ACS) 2023 ACS Project Seed at USC $15,000
7/1/2022 zur Loye, Hans-Conrad Chemistry Battelle Savannah River Alliance, LLC (BSRA)/SRNL/DOE University of South Carolina Providing Subject Matter Expertise in Critical Material Free Permanent Magnet Characterization $10,200
7/1/2022 Ballard, Matthew Math NSF Collaborative Research: Derived Categories in Birational Geometry, Enumerative Geometry, and Non-commutative Algebra $217,591
7/1/2022 Yang, Xiaofeng Math NSF Collaborative Research: Models, algorithms, simulations and applications for
dendritic solidifications of two-phase multi-component alloys in the mushy zone
7/1/2022 Angeletti, Giordano McKissick SC Humanities/NEH Paths to Freedom  $2,500
7/1/2022 Datta, Timir Physics Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD New Unconventional High-Tc Superconductivity $337,504
7/1/2022 Booze, Rosemarie Psychology National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)/NIH Microglial modulation of neurocircuits in HIV/cocaine comorbidity $3,096,288
7/1/2022 Bradshaw, Jessica Psychology National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH The Role of Autonomic Regulation of Attention in the Emergence of ASD $3,655,278
7/1/2022 McQuillin, Samuel Psychology University of Virginia (UVA)/NIMH/NIH Evidence-Informed Mental health Prevention, Assessment, Collaboration, and Treatment in Middle Schools (E-IMPACTS)  $528,144
7/1/2022 Teghipco, Alex Psychology PRISMA Health - Upstate The DREAM: developing a pipeline for integrating automated extraction of clinical data, quality data, and neuroimaging metadata in acute stroke hospitalizations (PRISMA seed grant) $13,530
7/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Army National Guard/DOD Mitigation of the Laurens Armory Renovations $17,137

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