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Human Resources and Faculty Affairs

The College of Arts and Sciences Office of Human Resources and Faculty Affairs manages all human resources processing and operations for over 2,000 faculty, staff and students in the college's departments, programs, centers, institutes, and schools.

The Office of HR team manages human resources and payroll actions relating to faculty and staff hiring, appointment, review, promotion and retention actions, and leave of absence processing, dual employment, ECOM forms, resignations, and retirements.  The office also oversees faculty awards, professorships and endowed chair appointments.

Each unit in the college is assigned a CAS HR contact to manage the approval processes for the above actions.  Units should contact their HR Associates using the email accounts below for information requests or to submit Payroll and HR actions for processing.

Team Members and Assigned Areas

  • Human Resources actions and processes for all college staff, faculty and students
  • Recruitment, hiring and appointment procedures
  • Faculty review and promotion processes including tenure review
  • Leaves of absence, emeritus appointments, administrative appointments
  • Faculty awards, endowed chairs and professorships
  • College-level compliance with federal, state and university labor laws
  • Employee Relations support for CAS faculty and staff
  • College Human Resources Trainer and Consultant
  • HCM PeopleSoft System Trainer for the College
  • College Human Resources and Faculty Affairs Floater
  • Assistant to the Director
  • Office of the Dean Human Resources Contact for Staff, Faculty, and Students Transactions
  • EPMS Administrator
  • I-9 Advantage/E-verify Administrator
  • Time/Labor and Absence Management Administrator
  • CAS Ann Johnson Institute (HIST)
  • CAS Center for Digital Humanities (HIST)
  • CAS Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • CAS Geography
  • CAS History
  • CAS Humanities Collab (HIST)
  • CAS Institute of Southern Studies (HIST)
  • CAS Mathematics
  • CAS McKissick Museums
  • CAS SC Institute of Arch and Anth
  • CAS Theatre and Dance
  • CAS African American Studies
  • CAS Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • CAS Institute for Mind and Brain (PSYC)
  • CAS Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • CAS Linguistics Program (DLLC)
  • CAS Political Science
  • CAS Psychology
  • CAS Anthropology
  • CAS Baruch Field Laboratory
  • CAS Belle W. Baruch Institute 
  • CAS Center for Colorectal Cancer Prevention
  • CAS Philosophy (RELG)
  • CAS Religious Studies (PHIL)
  • CAS School of Earth, Ocean and, Environment
  • CAS School of Visual Art and Design
  • CAS Statistics
  • CAS Walker Institute
  • CAS Women's and Gender Studies
  • CAS Biological Sciences
  • CAS Center for Science Education
  • CAS Electron Microscopy Center
  • CAS English
  • CAS Film and Media Studies
  • CAS Physics and Astronomy
  • CAS Sociology

Procedures and Resources

Please see the resources below for more information about forms and processing requirements.

Please note that all documents are due to the CAS HR Team before the USC HR deadline to allow time for processing by the Office of the Dean.  Documents received after these deadlines may not be processed until the next payroll.

The Division of Human Resources is accepting electronic signatures and legible photographs of the required Student Employment Information form.  An original signature on the Student Employment Information form is not required. For electronic signatures the Adobe Fill and Sign app is easy for students to download to their phone to acknowledge the form and then email back to you.

During this unprecedented time of telecommuting, the Federal Government is allowing I-9 identity and employment verification documentation to be validated via video chat (Skype, Zoom, etc.).  The I-9 initiator will still need to upload the documents to the I-9 Advantage case.  Once all applicable documentation have been visually verified via Skype/Zoom, the student should securely send electronic versions of the documents. 

The University recommends using OneDrive to share documents. USC students and employees have a free OneDrive account provided through Office 365 which is approved as a way to send confidential documents.  

  • The Division of IT has detailed information on using OneDrive on their website here.
  • If for reasons related to COVID-19 you are unable to complete the I-9 within 3 days of the student’s hire, please be sure to cite the reason as "due to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic."

The new HCM PeopleSoft system is a comprehensive system that covers Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and associated Self-Service for employees and managers. As of April 1, the HCM PeopleSoft system is live and available for login at

The College of Arts and Sciences has one designated HCM support contact for all faculty and staff. If you have any questions or concerns about the implementation of the new HCM PeopleSoft system, please contact them via the information below.

Stephanie Marrs
CAS Office of the Dean
phone: 7-2506

She is available by appointment to provide instructional leadership and end user support for the new system to all College HR contacts, those who hire students, and business managers. For all other questions or concerns, please contact your assigned CAS HR Contact.

 HCM Queries

Individuals with HR roles (Department HR Contact, College/Division HR Contact, or Campus HR Contact) can pull queries (reports) in the HCM system. Two documents are available listing queries available to people who have:

Department HR access
College/Division and Campus HR access

Navigation to access the Query Viewer page in the system: NavBar > Classic Home > Main Menu >  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.

Training is required prior to receiving specific associated roles and permissions in the new HCM PeopleSoft system.  Training resources and options for each role are outlined below.

Employees (Faculty, Staff and Student Employees)

No specific training required.  All employees can access the new self-service system to request an electronic W-2, set up multiple direct deposits, and update personal information.  Online resources and tip sheets are available on the university HR website, Employee Self-Service Resources.

Managers, Supervisors

No specific training required.  Managers can access the new self-service system to see comprehensive information about their direct reports and manage their employee information. Online resources and tip sheets are available on the university HR website, Manager Self-Service Resources.

HR Contacts

To receive the associated roles and permissions in this new system, HR Contacts are required to attend a full day of classroom training. See HR Contact Resources and Training Information.

If you are a CAS HR Contact and were unable to attend training on the assigned days, updated schedule and registration information for upcoming training sessions can be found on the HR HCM Training Site.

Business Managers

Payroll actions must be initiated using the new Payroll Action Request Form (PARF) below.

Student Hire Representatives

To receive the associated roles and permission in this new system, Student Hire Reps are required to view the pre-recorded Student Hire webinar. See Student Hire Rep Resources and Training Webinar. After viewing the webinar, please complete and submit the online  HCM Learning Confirmation Form.


Chairs, Directors and all others who approve HR transactions are required to view the pre-recorded Approval Workflow webinar. See Approver Resources and Training Webinar. After viewing the webinar, please complete and submit the online  HCM Learning Confirmation Form.

**Please note:  The standard College approval process for all HR actions is still required before any action can be initiated in the HCM system.**

Additional Pay/Job Change/Status Change Actions 

  1. Unit will submit a request and justification for the applicable action via email using the standard CAS process.  Requests should be submitted to the Dean's Office using the applicable HR email account above.
  2. The College will respond to let the unit know whether the request is approved or denied.
  3. If approved, the HR Contact will initiate the appropriate eform in HCM PeopleSoft, attaching the Dean's Office approval email (PDF format) as supporting documentation.  The HR Contact then submits to next approver (Chair/Director).
  4. Chair/Director approves the transaction in HCM PeopleSoft and submits to the Dean's Office for approval.*
  5. Dean's Office approves and submits to university HR.  If the information is not accurate, the request recycles back to the initiator with notes in the comments section.
    *Note:  If the Chair/Director is unavailable to approve a transaction, approval should be gained in writing and attached to the initial request along with a note in the comments section.

Internal Dual Hires 

External dual hires are still processed in PeopleAdmin.

  1. HR contact in the Requesting Unit initiates the action in HCM PeopleSoft and submits to Requesting College for approval.
  2. Requesting College approves and submits to employee’s Home Unit for approval.
  3. Home Chair/Director approves and submits to Home College for approval.
  4. Home College approves and submits to university HR.

Related Dual Hire Documents

Student Hires (now considered to be an HR action)

  1. Department completes the CAS Student Hire Form.
  2. Dept HR contact initiates the student hire in HCM PeopleSoft, attaching the completed Student Hire form, and submits to next approver (Chair/Director).
  3. Chair/Director approves the transaction in HCM PeopleSoft and submits to university HR.

Payroll Account Changes and Payroll Journal Entries (JE)

Effective immediately, the new Payroll Action Request Form (link) should be used for payroll journal entries to move payroll expenses that have already posted (now known as retro account changes) and to initiate current/future account changes (formerly done on a PBP 4/5).  This process is for all employees – faculty, staff, students, temps, RGPs, etc. The form will need to be approved by the Chair/Director and by the PI if a grant is involved.       

CAS Payroll Action Request Form (PARF) [pdf]
CAS Payroll Action Request Form (PARF) EXAMPLES [pdf]

  1. Department completes the CAS Payroll Action Request Form (PARF) [pdf].
  2. Chair/Director and the PI (if a grant is involved) approve the form and forward to the Dean's Office via .
    1. Dean's Office approves the form and initiates the action in PeopleSoft HCM.

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