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The CAS Science Stockroom is responsible for procuring all goods and services for the college. This responsibility entails managing large volumes of chemicals and laboratory supplies to support ongoing research of the college. 

How to use the Science Stockroom

  1. Set up a new individual account: Complete the Database Information Form with correct accounting information, select a database ID number, and obtain signatures from the PI or business manager.
  2. Stockroom Supply Purchases:
    • Pick up a clipboard from the counter with the CAS Science Stockroom Order Form on it
    • Write down your Stockroom ID number, your name, telephone number, along with your PI's name and department on the form
    • As you find the item(s) you are purchasing, write down the stockroom item number for the item(s) on the form. The item number is on the line with the barcode on the front of the shelf
    • Add the quantity of each item you are purchasing.
    • Write a brief description for each item
    • Verify that you have written all the necessary information
    • Remove your order form from the clipboard
    • Put the form in the box on the counter
  3. Purchases Requiring a Purchase Order: Please see Stockroom Manager for assistance.
  4. Request that a new item be stocked: If you have an item that may be needed by multiple users, request that the stockroom manager add a new item to inventory
  5. Receiving and delivery from couriers: The stockroom does not deliver packages to research laboratories or offices. An official email will be sent to labs or offices when items are received. Please send a representative to the stockroom to sign receiving forms and pick up your packages
  6. Personal items disclaimer: The stockroom discourages the shipment and receiving of personal items through the stockroom. If personal items are shipped or received, the staff is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal items.
  7. Shipping: The stockroom will assist with scheduling and pick-up of instructional or research items by FedEx, UPS, etc. The stockroom will also assist with the pick-up of large items by freight companies. Please see stockroom staff if you need assistance in completing the appropriate forms for courier shipping. If shipping overseas packages, stockroom staff will provide a comercial invoice. 

Transporting Hazardous Materials:

  1. Safety Containers: All liquid chemicals and solvents must be transported in a USC Health & Safety approved safety container. The Stockroom has safety containers available for purchase.
  2. Authorization Locations: All liquid chemicals and solvents may only be purchased by personnel located in the GSRC/PSC/Coker/Sumwalt complex.
  3. Protective Gear: Personnel purchasing liquid nitrogen and solvents from 55 gallon drums must wear approved eye protection and gloves. If the individual does not have these items, the Stockroom will provide them for use while dispensing liquid nitrogen or products from drums.

Vendor Information
Representative: Alexius Petrucelli, PhD
Phone: 510-631-1698
Representative: Mary Morales
Phone: 803-800-4447
Customer Service: 800-766-7000
Representative: Heather Davis
Phone: 803-727-7654

Internal Staples Advantage Liaison: Theresa Singleton
Phone: 803-777-4115

Note: and Staples Advantage are not the same.  In order to see USC pricing, and initiate orders, through Staples Advantage you must have a Customer ID.  Please contact Theresa Singleton above and she will assist you.  If preferred, the Stockroom will continue to place orders for you. 
Representative: John Herczogh
Phone: 843-735-2341
Fax: 610-728-4597
Customer Care: 800-932-5000


Form (PDF)
This form is used when setting up a new individual account for the CAS Science Stockroom.

FedEx forms, UPS forms and commercial invoices for international shipments are available in the stockroom.

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