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Please check that your form is completely filled out with required information and that you have all required signatures (instructor, advisor, chair/director, etc.) before you upload it below.

If you need the signature of a “dean” or “college official,” fill out a request below through our online forms system. We sign all official undergraduate forms for the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Curriculum Change Form Fill out this online form to change your major, add a second major or dual degree, add a minor, delete a minor, delete a second major, or add an attribute. 

I need a form signed Upload a signed copy of your form here and we’ll sign and process it for you. You can upload any of the following: 

Senior Check Request Form Fill out this online form to request a Senior Check. Please list any dual degrees or double majors in the comments box.  Please upload a Major Program Card for each major or dual degree.

Waive 30-hour Residency Form Complete this form to take some of your final 30 credit hours at another institution besides USC-Columbia. 

Request for Overload of Hours Form This cannot be processed until you register for classes. Please do not submit this form until you enroll in at least 3 credit hours in the semester you wish to take more than 18 credit hours. You will need to include a list of all classes you wish to take.

Request to Overturn a Suspension Fill out this form if you wish to appeal a suspension. You will need to include a 1-page explanation as to why you think your suspension should be overturned, as well as any supporting documentation.

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