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Program Assessment

Program Assessment is a process used to measure student learning and to ensure continuous improvement of degree programs. The central question that program assessment is trying to answer is, “Are our students learning what we expect them to learn?” At USC, this is a faculty-driven process.  The two-year (six-semester) cycle, starts with the development of a formal Assessment Plan ncluding data collection, analysis and utilizing the results to make program improvements. The cycle ends with the submission of an Assessment Report and reviewing and updating the next cycle Assessment Plan.    

 The Dean's office supports the credentialing process by acting as a liaison between the units and the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics (OIRAA). This support includes:  

  • Working with program assessment leads to develop and review program Assessment Plans and Assessment Reports. 
  • Working with units to review and revise program learning outcomes and align curriculum. 
  • Assisting units with developing curriculum maps and aligning outcomes, courses and assessments. 
  • Working with units to select and revise assessment measures (course-level assignments). 
  • Coordinating with OIRAA with ensure compliance with Institutional Effectiveness assessment requirements. 
  • Providing training and resources for faculty involved in assessment. 

Contact us if you have any questions or need support. 

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