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College of Arts and Sciences


Month PI Name PI Dept Sponsor Project Title Amount
8/1/2023 Strosnider, William Baruch SC Sea Grant Consortium/NOAA From blue‐gray to blue‐green: Facilitating the transition to non‐plastic, natural material use within the coastal zone economy $2,321,986
8/1/2023 Garashchuk, Sophya Chemistry NSF Quantum dynamics with nuclear quantum effects: a hierarchical methodology for large molecular systems $530,000
8/1/2023 Ge, Ting Chemistry American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Controlling Equilibrium Swelling of Polyampholyte Gels Using Charge Sequence ‐ A Study Combining Molecular Simulation and Scaling Theory $110,000
8/1/2023 Alpert, Geoffrey Criminal Justice Laura and John Arnold Foundation Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Interventions in Police Body‐Cameras $94,621
8/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography NSF RII Track‐2 FEC: Where We Live (WWL): Local and Place Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Underserved Rural Communities $1,780,000
8/1/2023 Wang, Cuizhen Geography US Geological Survey (USGS)/DO 3D Visualization of hydrogeologic raster surfaces in South Carolina Hydrogeologic Framework $34,982
8/1/2023 Dahmen, Wolfgang Math NSF FRG: Collaborative Research: Variationally Stable Neural Networks for Simulation, Learning, and Experimental Design of Complex Physical Systems $599,999
8/1/2023 Tsai, Wei-Lun Math American Mathematical Society (AMS)/Simons Foundation AMS‐Simons Travel Grant $7,200
8/1/2023 Rorden, Christopher Psychology National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH Extending ezBIDS, NiiVue and dcm2niix for user‐friendly cloud‐based integration and
8/1/2023 Smith, Courtnie Psychology SC Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $35,577
8/1/2023 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: High‐resolution imaging of the Elgin‐Lugoff earthquake swarm sequence and subsurface structures in South Carolina using a dense seismic nodal array $168,420
8/1/2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin SEOE NSF Organismal Response to Climate Change (ORCC) $323,550
8/1/2023 Broussard, Kathleen Sociology University of Texas at Austin (UTAUS) ‐ Population Wellbeing Initiative Fall course Buyouts ‐ 2023 and 2024 $23,774
7/23/2023 Smith, Erik Baruch National Ocean Service (NOS)/NOAA/DOC North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve FY23 Operations $991,213
7/1/2023 Heinrich, Tobias Political Science The Institute for Human Studies Learning to Trush Refugees: Border Security and Attitude Extremity $3,500
7/1/2023 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/NICHD/NIH Characterizing Top-Down Dimensions of Appetite Self-Regulation Among Preschoolers $24,802
7/1/2023 Prinz, Ron Psychology NIGMS/NIH Behavioral-Biomedical Interface: Translational and Prevention Sciences Training $1,538,552
7/1/2023 Fisher, John SCIAA Culture and Heritage Museums (York County) 2023 Watts Cemetery: Interior GPR Survey $3,765
7/1/2023 Bulusu, Subrahmanyam SEOE College of Charleston/NASA EPSCoR Understanding the Generation and Dynamics of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal
using NASA’s SMAP Salinity and ECCO Estimates
6/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch Maryland Environmental Service Model Evaluation of Poplar Island Responses to Rising Sea Level $59,689
6/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch NSF Collaborative Research: Not all nitrogen is created equal: Quantifying the effects of different nitrogen forms on
marsh persistence.
6/1/2023 Smith, Erik Baruch National Ocean Service/NOAA/DOC North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve FY22 Operations Award $780,500
6/1/2023 Krizek, Beth Biology NSF Transcriptional control of growth regulatory modules by AIL transcription factors $549,151
6/1/2023 Wang, Qian Chemistry Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc. Synthesis of Starting Materials of Glycolipids and Gangliosides $16,320
6/1/2023 Metcalfe, Christi Criminology
North Carolina Office of Indigent Defense Services
The availability of indigent defense in North Carolina and its relationship with local jail populations and pretrial
case decisions
6/1/2023 Ellis, Jean SEOE Slocum-Lunz Topographic analysis of dunes along a managed coast $1,200
6/1/2023 Hiscox, April Geography NSF Collaborative Research: Understanding Interactions between Mesoscale and Microscale Flows in the Stable
Boundary Layer over Shallow Terrain
6/1/2023 Donaldson, Bobby History National Park Service/DOI Cooperative Agreement between the Department of the Interior/National Park Service and the Center for Civil
Rights History and Research: Programmatic Activities for the CRC
6/1/2023 Matthews, Marty Southern Studies NHPRC
The Papers of William Short: A Digital Selective Documentary Edition
6/1/2023 McQuillin, Samuel Psychology The Duke Foundation Strengthening and Expanding School Mental Health by Integrating Community Mentors in School Problem
Solving Teams
6/1/2023 Roberts, Jane Psychology NIH/NIMH
Autonomic and Sensory Dysfunctions in FMR1 Conditions: Development, Mechanisms and Consequences
5/1/2023 Dragovic, Besim SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: Rodingites as Recorders of Tectonic Processes from the Seafloor to Convergence: A
case study of the Dun Mountain Ophiolite Belt
5/1/2023 Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin SEOE University of St. Andrews/DOI Assessing Population Effects of Offshore Wind Development on North Atlantic Right Whales $14,833
5/1/2023 Fu, Zhengqing Biology NSF Coordination of Plant Growth and Defense Through Key Regulators in Salicylic Acid and Brassinosteroid
5/1/2023 Hollis, Brian Biology NSF Experimental speciation and the genomics of reinforcement in Drosophila $383,432
5/1/2023 Wang, Qian Chemistry NSF MRI: Acquisition of the MALDI-MS rapifleX system as an analytical tool to support multidisciplinary research at
University of South Carolina
5/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography South Carolina Office of Resilience Assessment of Resilience Best Practices and Metrics in support of State Resilience Planning Efforts $65,000
5/1/2023 Dow, Kirstin Geography Richland County Conservation Commission Heat Mapping in Richland County $6,250
5/1/2023 Hiscox, April  Geography Application Insight, LLC/USDA Radar-based Spray Drift Detection and Quantification System $23,053
5/1/2023 Schulz, Constance History NHPRC The South Carolina Revolutionary Era Pinckney Papers Projects: Preserving the Digital Research Assets of Two Digital Documentary Editions - Final Year $100,000
5/1/2023 Binev, Peter Smart State DASIV NSF Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference – FoCM 2023 $49,500
5/1/2023 Sun, Yi Math NSF Hybrid Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods with Applications in Biofabrication and Epidemics $176,321
5/1/2023 Federico, Alexis Psychology NICHD/NIH Infant Predictors of ADHD and ASD Symptomology $125,721
5/1/2023 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology Simons Foundation BioGENE Study at the Simons Searchlight 2022 Family Meeting $15,000
5/1/2023 Quattlebaum, Mary Psychology NIH Integrating Family Resilience and Cultural Assets to Inform the LEADS Health Promotion Trial with African
American Families
5/1/2023 Weist, Mark Psychology SC Dept. of Health and Human Services Development and Implementation of a SC School Behavioral Health Academy $3,224,526
5/1/2023 Fisher, John SCIAA SC Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Phase I Survey of a 20-acre Tract for the River Falls Access Area, Greenville County, South Carolina $14,829
4/1/2023 Fuente, David SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: NNA Research: Meq unguvatkarput (water is our livelihood) - building community
resilience for the future
4/1/2023 Habing, Brian Statistics National Institute of Statistical Sciences IPA for NISS Associate Director for Education Activities and Research $74,528
4/1/2023 Milling Stephanie Theater SC Arts Commission Culturally Responsive Dance Pedagogy as a Vehicle for SEL and Responding to Learning Loss in Dance
4/1/2023 Senner, Nathan Biology Science Mission Directorate/NASA Multi-Source Detection and Monitoring of Ephemeral Shorebird Habitats in an Agricultural Prairie System $92,564
4/1/2023 Welshhans, Kristy Biology Whitehall Foundation, Inc. Coordinated control of local translation mediates brain development $100,000
4/1/2023 Chen, Donna Chemistry Department of Energy Design of New Catalysts for the Generation of Clean H2 from Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers: Dehydrogenation
of Methylcyclohexane on Bimetallic Catalysts
4/1/2023 Stefik, Morgan Chemistry Department of Energy Understanding the Role of Defects to Accelerate Wadsley-Roth Niobates for Long-Duration Energy Storage $850,000
3/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography Society of Woman Geographers Fellowship Agreement for Sarah L. Jackson $12,000
3/1/2023 Cutter, Susan Geography NASA Identification of Disadvantaged and Low-Capacity Communities Subject to Wildfire Risks $120,000
3/1/2023 Lekan, Thomas History National Humanities Center “Conservation by Slaughter”: Wildlife Utilization and the African Origins of Sustainable Development $40,000
3/1/2023 Brown, Michelle Psychology NIH/NICHD Beneficial or Fostering Future struggles (B.F.F.s)? Characterizing the Role of Friends in the Developmental
Trajectory of Maltreated Adolescent
3/1/2023 Shinkareva, Svetlana Psychology The REAM Foundation dba Misophonia Research Fund An fMRI Investigation of Mental Imagery and Visual Correlates of Triggers in Misophonia $400,000
3/1/2023 Weist, Mark Psychology University of Florida/PCORI Equity-Enhancements to Reduce Disproportionate Unmet Mental Health Need of African American Children $43,348
3/1/2023 Smith, Steven SCIAA South Carolina Battleground Trust Archaeological Recovery At Camden Battlefield $87,646
3/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch Marine Biological Laboratory/NSF LTER: Plum Island Ecosystems, the impact of changing landscapes and climate on interconnected coastal
3/1/2023 Twiss, Jeffery Biology SC Research Foundation (SCRF)/Adelson Medical Research Foundation Targeting Axon Intrinsic Pathways to Accelerate Regeneration and Promote Neuroprotection $391,712
3/1/2023 Richardson, Susan Chemistry Clemson University/USGS/DOI Identifying PFAS Hotspots in Surface Waters of South Carolina Using a New Optimized Total Organic Fluorine
3/1/2023 Shustova, Natalia Chemistry US Department of Energy (DOE) Organometallic Catalysis from Molecular Catalysts Non-Covalently Confined in Metal-Organic Frameworks $225,000
2/1/2023 Jordan, Donald Ctr for Science Education National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)/DOD USC 2023 Center for Science Education, Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS) $28,252
2/1/2023 He, Siming Math NSF Topics in Mathematical Biology and Fluid Mechanics (Transferred Award) $123,611
2/1/2023 Pershin, Yuriy Physics University of California San Diego/NSF RAISE: MemComputing: from software to hardware $373,518
2/1/2023 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology GRIN2B Foundation Linking Brain and Behavior: A GRIN2B Biomarker $7,508
2/1/2023 Strosnider, William Baruch Clemson Univ (SC Water Resources Center) Quantifying ecological responses following floating treatment wetland application in brackish stormwater ponds $33,545
2/1/2023 Li, Jie Chemistry National Organization for Rare Disorders Improving PMP models for pre-clinical testing and evaluating PMP-associated bacterial functional metabolites in
PMP progression and treatment
1/1/2023 Shimizu, Ken Chemistry Petroleum Research Fund/ACS Hydrogen bonding protecting groups $110,000
1/1/2023 Ellis, Jean Geography NSF RAPID: Impacts and recovery of natural and managed coastal dunes on a South Carolina barrier island from
Hurricane Ian
1/1/2023 Donaldson, Bobby History National Park Service/DOI NPS AACR: Booker T. Washington High School Auditorium Building $500,000
1/1/2023 Elfenbein, Jessica History SC Humanities/NEH Wood Basket of the World: Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving South Carolina's Forests $2,000
1/1/2023 Wang, Zhu Math UC San Diego/ONR Nonlinear Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Model Reduction for Ocean Simulation and Tethered Air-Surface Vehicle
1/1/2023 Przybysz, Jane McKissick SC Arts Commission SCAC Folklife Partnership Grant Renewal $70,517
1/1/2023 King, Adam SCIAA SC Dept. of Transportation Administrative Services for ArchSite II, 2022-2024 $139,877
1/1/2023 Barra, Monica SEOE Social Science Research Council/Wallace Foundation SSRC Arts Research with Communities of Color (ARCC) Fellowship $70,000
1/1/2023 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: RAPID: Capturing the Elgin-Lugoff earthquake swarm with a dense nodal array $7,390
1/1/2023 Henderson-Platt, Andrea Sociology Rice University/The Issachar Fund Science and Religion of the Human Body $42,054
1/1/2023 Morris, James Baruch University of Georgia/NOAA NOAA ESLR - Sub to University of Georgia $39,102
12/1/2022 Smith, Erik Baruch NOAA/DOC Building Capacity at the North Inlet – Winyah Bay NERR for conservation and restoration infrastructure projects $188,675
12/1/2022 Armstrong, Alissa Biology Silicon Valley Community Foundation Improving DEI via investigating the role of inter-organ communication in whole-organism responses to diet $1,150,000
12/1/2022 Ge, Ting Chemistry NSF CAREER: Molecular Modeling of Ring Polymer Mechanics - Expanding Applicability of Ring Polymer $516,622
12/1/2022 Petti, Roberto Physics CERN Neutrino Group CERN Project Continuation (Neutrino Platform) $40,000
12/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/NIH mHealth-based Just-In-Time Intervention to Improve Physical Activity Microrandomized Trial $116,249
12/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/NIH Behavioral and Biological Rhythms in Children's Obesity-Related Health Disparities SEARCH $92,300
12/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Temple University/DoD Development of a Sensor-Based Movement Biomarker to Capture Upper Extremity Use $32,000
12/1/2022 Smith, Courtnie Psychology SC Dept of Mental Health John H. Magill School Mental Health Certificate Program $9,650
12/1/2022 Morris, James Baruch UNC Wilmington/NOAA "Coastal Resilience: Evaluating Risk of Tidal Marsh Inundation and Monetizing Services to Prioritize Management
Actions (Part 2)"
11/1/2022 Li, Jie Chemistry National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Enzymatic sulfur incorporation and modification in the biosynthesis of natural products $865,975
11/1/2022 Crocker, Holly English Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Civic Engagement, Voting Rights, and the Founding Documents at the University of South Carolina $500,000
11/1/2022 Kulkarni, Varsha Physics NASA / Space Telescope Science Institute (James Webb Space Telescope) Probing Silicate and Carbonaceous Dust and Ice in Distant Galaxies with Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Quasars with Foreground 2175 A Absorbers $167,376
11/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology National Cancer Institute (NCI)/NIH Developing Methodology to examine causal mediation of Time-Varying Effects in Smoking Cessation Treatments $144,610
11/1/2022 Edmunds, Sarah Psychology Chan Med School Worcester - University of Massachusetts/NIMH/NIH Improving the Part C Early Intervention Service Delivery System for Children with ASD: A Randomized Clinical Trial
11/1/2022 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology University of Alabama Birmingham/NIDA/NIH HEALthy Brain and Child Development Study at UAB and UA $45,834
11/1/2022 DePratter, Chester SCIAA Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC/DOD Artifact Analysis and Curation Services - MCRD Parris Island Museum $99,540
11/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Department of Natural Resources - Heritage Trust Program Archaeological Testing at Spanish Mount $8,500
11/1/2022 Ryker, Katherine SEOE National Science Foundation (NSF) Collaborative Research: Quantifying the extent of student learning and affect associated with observed levels of instructional reform $119,548
11/1/2022 White, Scott SEOE Savannah River Nuclear Solutions/DOE Support of the South Carolina Seismic Monitoring Network $69,668
11/1/2022 Senner, Nathan Biology Universidad Austral de Chile/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/DOI Revealing Unknown Links in the Life Cycle of Shorebirds $39,490
11/1/2022 Cutter, Susan Geography Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University (Virginia Tech)/Feeding America
Strengthening Charitable Food Systems Capability $51,400
10/1/2022 Tan, Changhui Math National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER: Nonlocal partial differential equations in collective dynamics and fluid flow $404,193
10/1/2022 Becker, Kimberly Psychology William T. Grant Foundation Addressing Conceptual and Pragmatic Challenges to Measuring Use of Research Evidence In Children’s
Mental Healthcare by Leveraging Clinical Documentation
10/1/2022 Serang, Sarfaraz Psychology Utah State University/NIAAA/NIH Longitudinal Impacts of Pandemic-Induced Disruptions on Adolescent Siblings’ and Parents’ Alcohol Use: A
Family Life Course Perspective
10/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Spanish Mount Archaeological Artifact Processing SC $5,804
10/1/2022 Whitehead, Dustin Theater and Dance SC Film Commission - SC Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism The South Carolina Film Training Partnership (GOS - Get on Set) $150,000
10/1/2022 Snyder, Maeve Baruch University of Georgia/NOAA/DOC Evaluating risk of tidal marsh inundation and monetizing services to prioritize management actions $6,643
10/1/2022 Reisman, David Biology Children's Leukemia Research
Mechanism of a p53 intron-encoded lncRNA in maintaining the undifferentiated and proliferative state of
myeloid leukemia cells.
10/1/2022 Welshhans, Kristy Biology National Institute of Neurological
Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)/NIH
Regulating axon guidance through local translation at adhesions $1,872,670
10/1/2022 Alpert, Geoffrey Criminology Charleston Police Department/City of
Charleston Police Department Racial Bias Audit Implementation: A Proposal to Conduct a Formal, External
Review and Assessment (ERA) of Progress
9/1/2022 Li, Zhenlong Geography University of Michigan/NIA/NIH Consortium Coordinating Center for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research on COVID-19 $29,948
9/1/2022 Liu, Jiang LLC National Science Foundation (NSF) DDRI: The Semantic Effect on the Processing of Emotional Prosody in Mandarin Chinese: A
Neurolinguistic Study" (Cheng Xiao)
9/1/2022 Hudac, Caitlin Psychology University of Alabama/NIMH/NIH Evaluation of the Underlying Structure of Adolescent Social Attention $82,283
9/1/2022 Mitchem, Stephanie Religious Studies South Carolina Humanities/NEH Women and Gender Studies: Past into Future $8,670
9/1/2022 Fisher, John SCIAA Cultural & Heritage Museums, York
County, South Carolina
2023 Watts Cemetery Survey, Historic Brattonsville, SC $4,847
9/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Parks, Recreation & Tourism Archaeological Investigations at Rose Hill Plantation $22,590
9/1/2022 Smith, Steven SCIAA The Chickasaw Nation Archaeological Survey of the Koni Aawaa', Tupelo, MS $5,980
9/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Cultural Resources Survey of Goodwill Plantation $47,930
9/1/2022 Pinckney, James Baruch NSF Collaborative Research: THE BENTHIC MICROALGAL SUBSIDY IN ESTUARINE ECOSYSTEMS $844,365
9/1/2022 Stone, Joshua Biology NSF Collaborative research: Ecological and biogeochemical role of Rhizaria in the oligotrophic ocean $406,981
9/1/2022 Andersen, Tia Criminology NSF Understanding How Mentoring Can Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Promote Positive Youth Development $403,569
8/1/2022 Li, Zhenlong Geography South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) Accessibility Analysis and Visualization of the Children and Youth Foster Care in South Carolina $34,479
8/1/2022 Coffman, Donna Psychology Drexel University/NIDDK/NIH Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Interventions for Obesity $69,100
8/1/2022 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: Investigating Inner Core Evolution through multi-scale seismic investigation and
8/1/2022 Strosnider, William Baruch SC Sea Grant
Development of a fully biodegradable floating treatment wetland $9,429
8/1/2022 Smith, Erik Baruch SC DNR/University of
Collaborative development of novel remote sensing work flows for assessing oyster
reef structural and demographic characteristics to inform management and restoration
8/1/2022 Sahoo, Pabitra Biology Johns Hopkins
University/Merkin Family
Establishing the kinetics for failure of axonal protein synthesis in chronic nerve injury $150,000
8/1/2022 Shimizu, Ken Chemistry NSF Development of molecular devices for the study of emerging non-covalent
8/1/2022 Ellis, Jean Geography SC Sea Grant
Evaluating Literacy and Perception of Coastal Dune Hazard Impacts and Management
Strategies across the South Carolina Coastal Zone
8/1/2022 Elfenbein, Jessica History SC Humanities/NEH Wood Basket of the World: Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving South
Carolina's Forests - Conference and Traveling Exhibit
8/1/2022 Li, Wuchen Math Air Force Office of Scientific
Research (AFOSR)/DOD
Transport information geometric computations $449,677
8/1/2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Physics Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE eRD110 Photosensors for EIC Detectors $4,000
8/1/2022 Ilieva, Yordanka Physics Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility/DOE EIC KLM R&D Proposal $25,500
8/1/2022 Kulkarni, Varsha Physics Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)/NASA Probing the Gas in and around Local Galaxies Mapped with Integral Field
8/1/2022 Bradshaw, Jessica Psychology Autism Science Foundation,
Inc. (ASF)
(Kaleb Phelps - PI) Autism Science Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research
Fellowship: Understanding the Diagnostic Experiences of Black Families
8/1/2022 Cooper, Daniel Psychology National Institute of Mental
Health (NIMH)/NIH
Maximizing the Impact of Preventive Interventions: Identifying Responders and NonResponders of an Evidence-Based Intervention for Low-Income Families Using a
Person-Centered Approach
8/1/2022 Bourbonnais, Annie SEOE NSF Collaborative Research: Exploring the dynamics of nitrous oxide in the Southern
Benguela Upwelling System
8/1/2022 Frost, Daniel SEOE NSF Imaging deep mantle structure beneath Alaska using full waveform tomography $221,284
7/1/2022 Peng, Xuefeng  SEOE NSF Nitrous oxide production by salt marsh sediment fungi: its significance and
7/1/2022 Ho, Yen-Yi Statistics Brown University/NIMH/NIH ASH1L mediated transcription networks in autism spectrum disorders $11,065
7/1/2022 Goldberg, Katherine Anthropology SC Department of Education (SCDE) African American History Instructional Materials Grant $75,000
7/1/2022 Myrick, Michael Chemistry Brewster Procurement Group/Haliburton Transmission of Commercial Schott Technical Glass 8250 and Validation of Commercial Lamp for ICE Sensor $33,998
7/1/2022 Tang, Chuanbing Chemistry American Chemical Society (ACS) 2023 ACS Project Seed at USC $15,000
7/1/2022 zur Loye, Hans-Conrad Chemistry Battelle Savannah River Alliance, LLC (BSRA)/SRNL/DOE University of South Carolina Providing Subject Matter Expertise in Critical Material Free Permanent Magnet Characterization $10,200
7/1/2022 Ballard, Matthew Math NSF Collaborative Research: Derived Categories in Birational Geometry, Enumerative Geometry, and Non-commutative Algebra $217,591
7/1/2022 Yang, Xiaofeng Math NSF Collaborative Research: Models, algorithms, simulations and applications for
dendritic solidifications of two-phase multi-component alloys in the mushy zone
7/1/2022 Angeletti, Giordano McKissick SC Humanities/NEH Paths to Freedom  $2,500
7/1/2022 Datta, Timir Physics Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD New Unconventional High-Tc Superconductivity $337,504
7/1/2022 Booze, Rosemarie Psychology National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)/NIH Microglial modulation of neurocircuits in HIV/cocaine comorbidity $3,096,288
7/1/2022 Bradshaw, Jessica Psychology National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/NIH The Role of Autonomic Regulation of Attention in the Emergence of ASD $3,655,278
7/1/2022 McQuillin, Samuel Psychology University of Virginia (UVA)/NIMH/NIH Evidence-Informed Mental health Prevention, Assessment, Collaboration, and Treatment in Middle Schools (E-IMPACTS)  $528,144
7/1/2022 Teghipco, Alex Psychology PRISMA Health - Upstate The DREAM: developing a pipeline for integrating automated extraction of clinical data, quality data, and neuroimaging metadata in acute stroke hospitalizations (PRISMA seed grant) $13,530
7/1/2022 King, Adam SCIAA SC Army National Guard/DOD Mitigation of the Laurens Armory Renovations $17,137

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