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Global Strategic Communication Consortium

Identifying trends and shaping the future of research/strategy in the field is the goal of the Global Strategic Communication Consortium. We aim to develop a global, truly intentional gathering of thought leaders in strategic communication focusing on new challenges and trends for the future of the field. 


The mission of the GSCC is to push the field of strategic communication forward by focusing research and discussions on future challenges and crises in the field. We want to inspire proactive strategy, rather than reactive approaches, to the challenges and crises of the future in strategic communication.

"The Future" Conclave

In March 2023, the Consortium will hold an intimate and personal conclave to encourage dialogue, brainstorming and new theory building. Although not all studies have to be futuristic, “implications for the future” will be strongly encouraged. The 2023 meeting is by invitation only.
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Executive Steering Committee

The executive board and steering committee are comprised of national and international scholars from five continents. They are among the leading scholars in strategic communication.
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