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    From NABJ to USA Today

    Analis Bailey (’19 mass communications) landed a reporting job during one of the craziest times a newsroom has ever seen 2020. But Bailey is succeeding in her new role thanks to the tools, lessons and experiences she acquired at the SJMC.

    From being president of the National Association of Black Journalists to learning how to freely and accurately tell stories during her time in undergrad, Bailey worked tirelessly toward the coveted position she finds herself in now, a Sports NOW reporter for USA Today. Read more about Bailey in the spotlight below.

    Tell us about what you do in your current job. What does a normal day look like?
    I am a Sports NOW reporter at USA Today. The NOW desk covers all things trending. When I am not covering trending topics, I write sports stories centered around race, culture, gender and identity.

    Each day on the job looks different. Some days I am interviewing people in the sports world for a story, other days I am planning and programming projects for social media. I also co-host a show.

    What is one of the most valuable things you've learned working in communications?
    Communications, journalism and the mass media are powerful, and being an effective communicator is a vital part of society.

    What is one of the most challenging things you have been faced with since entering the workforce?
    I entered the workforce just a few short months before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Adapting to working remotely and away from the newsroom was a challenge, but nothing compares to being a reporter during the year 2020. The year brought devastating COVID-19 news, an election and divisive political news, and countless stories centered around the ongoing fight for racial and social justice for communities of color.

    All of the obstacles I faced during work due to an overwhelming news cycle made me a better journalist.

    What is the most interesting or significant thing you've done since graduating?
    Since graduating, I have spoken to many celebrities, athletes and public figures in the sports world. But a personal achievement of mine that holds much significance is the fact that I can walk into any grocery store, go to the newspaper stand and pick up a copy of USA Today and see my byline in that paper. That experience has been very cool.

    What did you learn while in school at the CIC that still resonates today?
    Relationships are everything. The industry is small, so maintaining healthy relationships with everyone you meet is vital to your success in this field.

    Were there organizations or faculty members who played a role in shaping your career?
    I was very involved with the National Association of Black Journalists in undergrad. I served as chapter president my senior year and got to work with many faculty and staff members that played a role in my success. Rushondra James was my NABJ advisor and I am forever grateful for her guidance and advice.

    There are many courses during my time in undergrad that still resonate with my role as a reporter today. From Randy Covington and his valuable lessons of truth and accuracy through storytelling in Freedom, Responsibility and Ethics of the Mass Media to Kevin Hull’s Sports Media and Society course that dove deep into society’s impact on the media and how we perceive things.

    Many SJMC students hope to have a job like yours in the future. What advice/words of wisdom do you have for them?
    Network! I know students have heard this word 10,000 times over since they started at UofSC, but it is true. I landed my first fellowship and full-time job by being intentional with my networking tactics.

    Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready! Take time to keep your resume, cover letter and portfolio updated.

    Paige Fallon

    Paige Fallon

    Paige Fallon is an intern in the communications office of the College of Information and Communications.  She is a senior public relations major and political science minor. She plans on attending law school after taking a gap year post graduation to explore her interests in the field of law.

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