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Student Spotlight: Chyna Wallace

By Justin Brouckaert, scholastic media assistant

Chyna Wallace has learned some valuable lessons about journalism in her time with SCSPA. Perhaps the most important one? How to find the best stories.

“When I first started doing journalism, I did the obvious stories, but after two years of going to SCSPA I did the less obvious stories, the stories that no one wants to cover,” Wallace said. “SCSPA has helped me by pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

The Dutch Fork High School senior has had plenty of opportunities to put that lesson to practical use. Wallace is a writer and photographer for both The Renassance, a print news magazine, and Fox Fusion, an online publication.

“With the stories I write, I try to think of creative photos to go with the story,” she said. “I love being behind the camera, to capture moments in time.”

As the SCSPA student online media representative, Wallace has enjoyed collaborating with like-minded colleagues and peers.

“There are so many people out there who have that creative mindset that I have,” she said. “I like that you can have the weirdest suggestion for a class or a contest and they won’t say it’s weird or just dismiss the idea.”

Wallace’s favorite memories from SCSPA and SIPA events include taking journalism classes with AJ Chambers of Richland Northeast High School and meeting friends from all over the southeast region.

She plans to attend the University of South Carolina for journalism or broadcast journalism. Her goal is to start her own photography business while also working for a local publication like The State.

Wallace’s advice to her fellow scholastic journalists is to think outside the box.

“Don’t do the same stories that you do every year,” she said. “Write articles on things that people are scared to cover.”

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.