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  • Vy Mai

Student Spotlight: Vy Mai

Posted December 7, 2017

Vy Mai, editor-in-chief of SPINwired at South Pointe High School, serves as Digital/Online Media representative on the SCSPA board. She has taught sessions at multiple SCSPA conferences on integrating social media and multimedia into online journalism sites.

Describe your responsibilities as editor-in-chief.
My responsibilities include creating ideas and assigning and editing the articles written by the staff. I also write my own articles and make my own videos. In addition, I live tweet at sporting events and take pictures and videos.

What is your favorite part about being editor? What is the most challenging aspect?
I love working with the staff to create content that is enjoyable to all. I also like how my adviser trusts me to show my leadership abilities. The most challenging part is keeping the staff on track with their deadlines.

Tell us about a story or project you have worked on recently that you are proud of.
I am especially proud of an article and video discussing a student athlete's commitment to play football at the college level. I first interviewed the player asking about his commitment, specifically about why he chose that school and how he feels about it. I then took the discussion to create an article. Afterwards, I moved on to create a highlight video of this player from previous football games where he had shown out. Then I put the article and video together and published it. From this experience, I found out that I love writing quick stories about sports and enjoy making highlight videos.

How has SCSPA helped you become a better journalist?
I take the ideas presented from the lessons at the conferences and include them into our online publication. In addition, it has made me  a better editor because I am now more competitive, from looking at other school's websites. From this, I am driven to win more awards.

How have you seen SCSPA help your publication?
It helped to converge our media within the journalism program and in the school. The lessons also taught helped in the smooth transition into a different website platform.

What do you plan on doing after high school, and what is your dream job?
After high school, I plan on majoring in nursing at the University of South Carolina. My dream job is opening and running a coffee shop and working at the University of South Carolina's football program in videography.

What's your favorite part about being in journalism?
My favorite thing about being in journalism is having fun with my friends while we interview those in the school. I also love how the staff puts in a lot of hard work going into our articles and videos and it does not go unrecognized in our school.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
The weirdest thing I've ever eaten are snails.

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