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College of Information and Communications

  • Kari Eddie beside the statute of Cocky with his arms reaching out.

Student Spotlight: NaKari (Kari) Eddie

In ten words or less how would you describe yourself?
Kari is real, energetic, passionate, focused and a positive leader

Do you have any hobbies?
Retailing! In my free time I promote my t-shirt brand, KLIZZOP. It means humble and versatile. I started this clothing line because it's my passion to create styles that are different, and it helps me to stay motivated. In my free time, I create designs that are authentic and street gear for all. I sell and promote my clothes on my own, especially to the Charleston market. Even if I mess up a design or something goes wrong, I rock it as a prototype or my mom does - HA!

Why did you select information science as a major and what are your academic plans once you graduate?
After my freshman year at Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SC, I wanted to finish at UofSC. I have a talent for computers, coding and data. Information science finds ways to combat misinformation and disinformation, which are becoming more important in today's society especially on social media. I chose my minor in retailing for marketing due to my passion for design. There is so much more to retailing; it's a whole world of possibilities. My plans are to attend graduate school and eventually open my own business.

Who inspires you?
My mom inspires me daily to keep pushing and provides encouraging support that makes me smile. She’s taught me so much about surviving, learning, and developing a love for reading.  She is pretty, aggressive, outgoing and confident. My mom reminds me often that I am King and to never think negative, but to always keep the faith and believe in myself.

Have you received any scholarships or awards as a college student.  
I’ve received the LIFE scholarship, made the Dean’s list, and Carolina CLIMB. 

Who is your favorite professor so far and why?
My favorite professor is a tough question (ha!). One of my favorite professors would be Dr. Darin Freeburg, my first information science professor at UofSC. He taught me about my major and how to apply it. I enjoy his style of teaching and providing great examples in lectures. He always respects his students and answer questions if needed.

Any study strategies you want to share?
My study strategies include writing out a daily agenda, highlighting what is important from class, creating flash cards, study groups, and reviewing notes daily. 

How have you coped with COVID and maintaining positive grades? 
Honestly it was hard to adjust to the new norm due to the pandemic. I learned how to keep my distance and be comfortable without being around many people. I did more face time and Zoom meets.  I wear my mask daily and COVID taught me to meditate more by reading more positive books and to hit the gym. I maintain positive grades by being indoors more, as this helps me focus on what’s really important.

What inspired you to attend UofSC? 
The environment — it’s one of top colleges in South Carolina, and I was always a Gamecock fan, especially the girls’ basketball team. They are raw! Above all, there's lots of diversity and I feel at home.  

Anything additional you want to share about yourself?
I enjoy podcasts and please check out my website to my clothing line @ KLIZZOP.COM!  Go Gamecocks!

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