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College of Education

  • Wardlaw College on a sunny day. Two people are walking past in foreground.

About Us

The College of Education is a state and national leader in providing comprehensive, world-class preparation for teachers, counselors, education administrators, researchers and policymakers.

Achieving Excellence and Impact 

Our highly credentialed team of college administrators are guiding the efforts of our faculty and staff in helping educators achieve excellence in teaching, and in helping students achieve success in learning.

The College of Education is divided into three academic departments: the Departments of Teacher Education, Leadership, Learning Design, and Inquiry, and Educational and Developmental Science.

Home to a variety of education degree programs, each department is led by faculty and staff members who have expert knowledge in these disciplines so they can use their exceptional talent and unique experiences to benefit the programs and students.

Research is fundamental to the mission of the college. Composed of award-winning scholars, the College of Education's faculty members are true trailblazers, earning millions in grant funding to find solutions to the many educational challenges that confront today's society.

The College of Education also strives to be a leader locally, regionally, nationally, and  internationally by fostering an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are affirmed, celebrated, and vigorously pursued. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.