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College of Education

Research Units and Initiatives

Join a research leader. The award-winning research of our students and faculty members is fundamental to advancing the understanding of learning and the knowledge base of our field.

College of Education Research Units

Bilingualism Matters @USC

Bilingualism Matters at the University of South Carolina is a branch of an international network that started in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are one of five branches in the United States and 1 of over 20 worldwide.  

Carolina Family Engagement Center

The mission of the Carolina Family Engagement Center is to help families from underserved populations become engaged and stay engaged in their local schools and the educational successes of their children.

Center for Transition Research and Leadership

At the Center for Transition Research and Leadership, our mission is to pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society through research and support for young individuals with disabilities as they navigate the critical transition into adulthood. 

Institute for Rural Education and Development

The mission of the Institute for Rural Education and Development is to create a comprehensive, holistic model of STEM education and healthy development for rural students from early childhood to adolescence. 

Consortium for Family Strengthening Research

The Consortium for Family Strengthening Research, housed at the University of South Carolina College of Education, is a multi-university initiative actively engaged in the conduct of innovative externally funded research and scholarship around issues of family science and relational health, and mentorship of junior faculty and doctoral students. Such collaboration provides an infrastructure for multi-site research projects and grant proposal opportunities. Additionally, members participate in bi-weekly web meetings to share new initiatives, present findings from new research projects, and provide support and mentorship.

Museum of Education

An experimental research project of the College of Education, the Museum of Education seeks to preserve, transmit, rectify, and expand our understanding of educational life in South Carolina and the United States. A member of the International Sites of Conscience, the Museum of Education opened its doors to the public on September 30, 1977.

Office of International and Comparative Education

The Office of International and Comparative Education promotes research, study, and practical engagement, (including study abroad experiences) with education systems and practices around the world.

Pedagogy Research Lab and Human Performance & Development Lab

The Pedagogy Research Laboratory and Human Performance & Development Laboratory are located in the Blatt Physical Education Center. The two labs are complementary research spaces used to analyze physical activity, qualitative and quantitative aspects of motor competence, functional movement capacity, and health-related physical fitness.

Physical and Developmental Disabilities Research Lab

Ali Brian, Ph.D., CAPE founded the Physical and Developmental Disabilities Research Lab in 2020. Housed in the Department of Educational and Developmental Science, the Lab is currently funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Duke Endowment.

Research, Evaluation and Measurement Center

The Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center is an independent unit of the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. For nearly 20 years, the center has partnered with public and private organizations across South Carolina on education improvement initiatives. The center specializes in client-centered approaches to conducting research, evaluation, and measurement primarily focused on education. Our faculty and staff design studies to measure program effectiveness, monitor program implementation, identify and develop data collection tools best suited to answer research questions, and conduct data analysis using advanced quantitative and qualitative approaches. The center assists state agencies, school districts, libraries, and universities with projects targeting learners from early childhood through adulthood.

South Carolina Center for Assistive Technology and Educational Research

The South Carolina Center for Assistive Technology and Educational Research is a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment of faculty, professionals, and persons with disabilities working together to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities in the areas of school and transitioning to work.

Yvonne and Schuyler Moore Child Development Research Center

A multidisciplinary group of faculty members and research personnel, this center works to inform early childhood educators on the nature and support necessary for children's growth and development. One focus includes research on how to effectively support children and families through the work of early childhood practitioners and policymakers, while another focus addresses the needs of children at risk for school failure.

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