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Equality of Opportunity


Transcript: The title of this slide is "Equity in the Making." Photovoice exhibits are different from other exhibits that you may have seen before. It is not about the quality of the photography that matters.

It's about the stories told by the photographs- narration combinations presented. Because our co-researchers' experiences are highly contextual and personal, the photographs are meaningless without these narrations.

The meanings of the photographs are not necessarily at the discretion of the viewer. The Identity Collages- Collages, and Bag Self-Portrait projects on display are, were assignments completed by students in the Agency In College course.

Students used images and words cut from magazines and other materials to create a collage representing their thoughts, ideas and experiences related to their identity as a college student.

Students chose an image of themselves that they showed to the world for one side of the bag portrait. On the other side is a reflection of themselves that they might keep hidden from the world. Inside the bag were objects, items, memorabilia, pictures or anything else the student deemed important  and connected them to their identity as a college student.

Portions of this exhibit and research were supported by a USC SPARC Graduate Student Research Grant and a CEC Division on Career Development and Transition Graduate Student Grant.

Transcript: Hi. This is my dorm. My roommate is Isaac. We do a lot of, a lot of things together. Here, we watch movies, play, UNO, listen to music. We make foods here. In here t-too, like ramen, soups and, and such. This is my chair. Like, I'm sitting right now. Our room. You can sit here and feel... like, the breeze. The breeze it feels- feels good. The weather, and...We can do work here, too. This feels, I- this feels like I- a safe place to me, because my roommate and... and I talk a lot of- a lot to each other. And, learn more about roommating. And we can eat. We go to get food early and go to class. 

Transcript: So this is me at a sorority event. I joined a sorority called Sigma Alpha Omega. It's a service sorority. We do fun events. In this picture, we were having a little party. It was... the day I got into the sorority.

This picture represents me advocating for myself, because... I went into the GarnetGate webpage and found this sorority with my social coach. And I decided to join the sorority on my own. No one made me do it, I just did it on my own.

Transcript: This is, is a mural in Five Points. Sometimes I walk to Five Points to grab lunch or watch the parade at St Patrick's Day. I like going places away from the USC campus. I like to represent that I am the best college student. I like being able to go a lot of places around campus on my own.

Transcript: This is Woodrow. This is where I occupy my time when I don't have class. My roommates are Gavin, they are not in the CarolinaLIFE program. Because Woodrow is near Greene Street and a lot of stuff happens there, it makes me feel like I belong on campus.


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