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College of Education

Office of International and Comparative Education

The Office of International and Comparative Education promotes research, study, and practical engagement with education systems and practices around the world. In addition offering a series of graduate courses focused on comparative and international education, the Office encourages undergraduate learning through school-focused study abroad.

For over a decade, the Office of International and Comparative Education has introduced to and shared with the University of South Carolina and surrounding community the ideas and insights of leading figures in the domestic and international fields of education through guest lectures, documentary screenings with talkbacks, and seminars.

Amidst deepening global integration, when there is a premium on innovation, educators and leaders must stay apprised of new developments around the world.  Other countries educate 94% of the world’s children in their schools, making the planet a global laboratory for educational experimentation and creativity. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.