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College of Education

Physical Education (Athletic Coaching) Minor

What will I study?

The minor in Physical Education (Athletic Coaching) will provide you with fundamental knowledge and skills to coach athletes. The focus of the minor is on effective coaching practice within the school setting.

Faculty in the Department of Educational and Developmental Science believe that athletic coaches have the responsibility to help youth learn to develop athletic skills as well as personal and social skills, through quality physical activity experiences, that are important to a meaningful life. During your program of study, you will have multiple opportunities to work directly with our internationally renowned faculty, plus doctoral graduate assistants and current middle and high school teachers, who have extensive experience in athletic coaching and have demonstrated a commitment to athlete development. You will learn how to use evidence-based techniques and strategies to promote optimum athlete performance and long-term success for your athletic program.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

A minor in athletic coaching will prepare you to make a positive impact on the well-rounded education of youth through sport and physical activity. Students who have minored in athletic coaching at USC typically find opportunities to coach youth in school and community settings. Some students find they enjoy their course work in the minor so much that they choose to pursue a degree in physical education teaching.


Typical Coursework

Core Courses  (18 hours)
Courses in the minor focus on developing a range of core knowledge and skills needed for successful athletic coaching. Examples include courses in the analysis of human movement, effective instructional techniques, principles of training, motor learning theory, psychology of sport, and first aid.

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