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Swimming, Beginning PEDU 140 Skills for safety and recreation. Video tag 1, tag2

Swimming, Intermediate

PEDU 141 (Prerequisite: PEDU 140 or consent of instructor) You will learn and refine all four competitive swimming strokes, turns, starts/diving, rules, safety, and terminology used in the sport of swimming. Additionally, you will learn to design swimming workouts geared towards your own personal goals and capabilities. Video  
Lifeguard Training

PEDU 142

(Prerequisite: be able to swim 500 yards, tread water for one minute, and swim 20 feet underwater) The primary purpose of the Red Cross Lifeguarding program is to provide entry-level lifeguard participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to emergencies and to provide care for injuries and sudden illness until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel arrive and take over.

Note: it is possible to pass the class and not gain Red Cross certification.

Water Safety Instructor Certification PEDU 143 (Prerequisite: 17 years of age; sound physical condition; possession of the Red Cross Advanced Lifesaving Certificate, a Red Cross Swimmer Certificate, or the ability to perform the Swimmer Course) Skills, methods, and techniques to teach Red Cross Swimming and Life Saving.    
Springboard Diving, Beginning PEDU 144 (Prerequisite: ability to tread water and swim 20 feet underwater) Basic dives and aesthetics of springboard diving.    
Skin and Scuba Diving PEDU 145 (Prerequisite: ability to swim at the intermediate level) Safe and effective use of equipment with emphasis on principles and physical laws of diving.    
Kayaking, Beginning  PEDU 185 Fundamentals of whitewater kayaking including equipment selection and use, safety techniques, strokes, Eskimo roll, river strategies, rescue procedures, and trip planning.  Video  
Scuba (Open Water) PEDU 146 Certification program in open water scuba instruction: safety, emergency procedures, equipment handling, navigation, and air consumption. Includes five open water dives.  Video  
Team Water Sports PEDU 148 (Prerequisite: intermediate swimming skills) Fundamental skills, rules, and strategies for participation in team water sports.    
Survival Swimming PEDU 149 (Prerequisite: swim 100 yards, tread water for one minute, and swim 20 feet underwater) Skills and techniques for survival under adverse conditions.    
Keelboat Sailing, Beginning  PEDU 150 The course is designed to teach you to safely skipper and crew on a 20- to 27-foot sailboat with a tiller and outboard engine on lakes, bays, and sheltered waters in moderate weather conditions. Theory, history, safety, and teamwork will be emphasized  Video  
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation PEDU 153 Knowledge and skills in providing artificial respiration, first aid for foreign body obstruction, one- and two-rescuer CPR for adults, infants, and children. Video  
Scuba, (Open Water), Advanced PEDU 154 (Prerequisite: PEDU 146 or consent of instructor) In this course, you will develop skills beyond open water diving: underwater navigation, night diving, and deep diving.    
Paddleboarding PEDU 147 Standup paddleboarding will be examined and practiced in the following aspects: history and development as a sport, safety protocol, paddleboard construction and design, terminology, fitness attributes, and paddling technique. Video  
Canoeing PEDU 183 Fundamentals of lake, river, and whitewater canoeing.    

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