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Frequently Asked Questions


YES. Please check the master schedule for courses in session "3A or 3B". They include Bowling, Pilates, Rock Climbing, Shag Dance, Yoga, Zumba and others. We also offer CPR courses (PEDU 153) over 3 or 4 day blocks.

There are men's and women's facilities in the Blatt. You may complete a form and leave your ID at the desk, or pay a one-time fee for towel and laundry service. If you drop off dirty gym clothes, they will be washed for you each night. Towels are issued on an exchange basis—drop off a dirty towel and you will get a clean one.

Yes. Please note if your class starts late in a semester, you must register for pass/fail during the first few weeks of the semester. Otherwise, you may miss the deadline if you wait until the first week of class. 

Lockers are available from the equipment issue desk, located on the second floor of the Blatt. Contact the office at 803-777-3878.

Contact the instructor. They will be able to assist you in determining which course you should enroll in.

University of South Carolina attendance policy states you cannot miss more than ten percent of class meetings without penalty. Typically, an absence that is not excused, or excused and not made up, is penalized by a deduction from your final grade. This penalty varies for classes meeting less than a full semester.

Yes. You can retake a course and earn the credit hours and GPA hours. Degree applicability is determined your college or school, however, so you will need to speak with your academic advisor.

Auditing classes in the Physical Activities Program is generally prohibited. Call 803-777-3239 for more information concerning auditing classes.

Check the class schedule at Self Service Carolina. If an opening occurs, register immediately. If there are no openings by the first class meeting, go to the class and speak with the instructor to see if you can register for the class.

Expect to participate on the first day of class. Instructors often email their students with instructions prior to the first class.

Contact the instructor and let them know you are not planning to drop the class.

If you cannot find a building after consulting the campus map, call 803-777-3172.

Call 803-777-3239 or email

You can check the class schedule on Self Service Carolina or call 803-777-3172.

The Blatt PE Center is located at 1300 Wheat Street. You must have a valid Carolina Card in order to use the facility.

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