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College of Education

Fitness and Conditioning

Name Course Number Description Multimedia Keywords
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Self-Defense For Women PEDU 101 Basic knowledge and understanding of the culture and context in which interpersonal violence occurs, the root causes and patterns of behavior within violent relationships, self-defense against forcible attacks, making immediate decisions when confronted with an assault, and the procedures necessary after an assault has occurred. Video tag 1, tag2
Contemporary Physical Activity PEDU 102 Development of skills in an identified area. Course content will vary and be announced by suffix and title. May be repeated as topics vary.    
Jogging PEDU 103 Exercise, lectures, and self-evaluation for weight control and fitness improvement. Video  
Personal Fitness and Weight Control PEDU 104 Advanced techniques for controlling weight and improving fitness through exercise, lectures, and self-evaluation. Video   
Weight Training, Advanced PEDU 106
(Prerequisite: PEDU 105 or consent of instructor) Advanced techniques for progressive resistance exercise training. Video  
Weight Training, Beginning PEDU 105 Fundamentals of progressive resistance exercise training. Video   
Group Exercise PEDU 107 Cardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility, and coordination through continuous rhythmical movements. Video  
Fitness Swimming PEDU 108 (Prerequisite: PEDU 140 or consent of instructor) Individualized physical conditioning through lap swimming and aquatic calisthenics, games, and activities.    
ROTC Conditioning PEDU 109 Exercise testing, technique, and leadership, program design and implementation, nutrition, individual and team competitions, and other forms of training.    
Orientation to Physical Education PEDU 110 Experiences in a variety of physical-activity areas.    
Yoga, Intermediate PEDU 160 (Prerequisite: PEDU 136 or approval of instructor) This course is designed to provide the historical and philosophical context of Mindfulness and how it relates to classical yoga of Pantanjali. You will be guided in deepening your mindfulness meditation practice that includes analysis of the Four Establishments of Mindfulness and you will develop an advanced asana sequence as part of your practice. Video  
Triathlon Training PEDU 188 Intensive conditioning and cross training to achieve a high level cardiovascular fitness. Biking, running, and swimming in preparation for triathlon event.    
Personal Training Preparation PEDU 155 Safe and effective methods of exercise by the application of theories and principles of exercise science. Discussion of facility organization, legal liability, and injury prevention and treatment within the scope of becoming a fitness professional. Video  
Yoga, Beginning PEDU 136 Fundamental skills and terminology. Video  


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