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College of Education

Outdoor Activities

Name Course Number Description Multimedia Keywords
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Rock Climbing and Bouldering PEDU 172 You will learn how to move safely on rock, use rope systems, install anchors, minimize risk, how to belay, spot, and rappel.  You will also learn safe use of equipment required for outdoor roped climbing and bouldering.    


PEDU 180 Fundamentals of target and field archery shooting, history, scoring, and rules. Video   
Equestrian PEDU 181 English hunter-style riding. This course is intended for intermediate students. Video  
Backpacking PEDU 182 Living in the out-of-doors; gear selection, map and compass reading, backpacking, hiking, and camping.    
Canoeing PEDU 183 Fundamentals of lake, river, and whitewater canoeing.    
Snow Skiing PEDU 184 Fundamental skills and techniques.    
Kayaking, Beginning PEDU 185 Fundamentals of whitewater kayaking including equipment selection and use, safety techniques, strokes, Eskimo roll, river strategies, rescue procedures, and trip planning. Video  
Rugby PEDU 118 Fundamental skills for game performance.    
Soccer PEFU 119 Fundamental skills for game performance; history, rules, and game strategy. Video  
Softball PEDU 120 Fundamental skills for game performance; history, rules, and game strategy.    
Bicycle Touring PEDU 186 Fundamental skills and techniques.    
Rock Climbing PEDU 187 Fundamentals of rock and mountain climbing including gear selection and use, knots and rope management, anchoring systems, belaying, rappelling, climbing techniques, and safety considerations.    
Paddleboarding PEDU 147 Standup paddleboarding will be examined and practiced in the following aspects: history and development as a sport, safety protocol, paddleboard construction and design, terminology, fitness attributes, and paddling technique. Video  


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