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Dance and Rhythm

Name Course Number Description Multimedia Keywords
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Zumba Fitness PEDU 168 Principles of fitness interval training and resistance training applied to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning with a fusion of Latin and International music-dance themes. Video  tag 1, tag2

Latin Dance

PEDU 170 Introductory course to multiple styles of social Latin dancing including Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. Designed to develop the skills and techniques necessary for social level Latin dancing. Emphasis will be placed on basic social elements of dance, patterns, music, and leading and following. Video  
Folk and Square Dance PEDU 173 Fundamental skills and terminology.    
Social Dance, Beginning PEDU 174 This course is designed to teach the fundamental skills, terminology, and etiquette of social dancing. It will focus on the music and basic steps of six American style ballroom dances frequently encountered in social situations. Additional dances may be covered, if time permits.    
Social Dance, Intermediate PEDU 175 (Prerequisite: PEDU 175 or consent of instructor) Development of skills to an intermediate level in six dances: fox trot, waltz, tango, swing, cha cha, rumba.    
Clogging PEDU 176 History, folklore, and skills; individual steps and team routines.    
Shag Dance, Beginning PEDU 177 Techniques and history of the Shag, South Carolina's state dance. Chronicled development, style variations, and cultural contributions are emphasized. Video  
Shag Dance, Intermediate PEDU 178 Introduction to more challenging shag moves for couples, based on steps, turns, spins, and passes. Emphasis on good shag form and rhythm, male lead, female follow, and tight couple positions going through step variations. Steps include Sugarfoot, Boogie Walk, Stagger, Walkup and others. Video  
Belly Dance, Beginning PEDU 179 Techniques, history, terminology, and dance combinations/choreography associated with Belly Dance at the fundamental level. Video  


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