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All State Band Recordings


Junior Clarinet: Audition Solo 1D, Allegro animato / Moderato / Allegro animato

Allegro animato:
-Four-measure crescendo at the beginning to f.
-Subito p in m. 5 followed by a four-measure crescendo.
-Crescendo from mm. 9-15 followed by a diminuendo from m. 15 to the fermata.
Allegro animato:
-To contrast the beginning, do a two measure crescendo followed by a two measure diminuendo and p in m. 22.
-Crescendo mm. 22-26 followed by a decrescendo in mm. 26 to 31.
“A” ending:  Crescendo mm. 32 to 35 with a subito mp on the last two notes
“B” ending:  Same as the (a) section

Clinic Clarinet: Audition Solo 2B, Andantino con grazia / Allegro con spirito

Andantino con grazia:
-Make the diminuendo in m. 2 span over three measures to the end of m. 4.
-Subito mf in m. 5 with a two-measure diminuendo.
-Cresc mm. 7-9 followed by a diminuendo in mm. 9-10.  You can put a small ritard on the last measure.
Allegro con spirito:
-Crescendo for four measures from mm. 11-15 followed by a four-measure diminuendo to m. 18.
-Crescendo mm. 19-20 and sustain f for two measures followed by a diminuendo in mm. 23-25.
-Crescendo to ff from mm. 25-25 and end subito p at the end.
“A” ending:  Crescendo for two measures followed by a two measure diminuendo. Crescendo from mm. 34 to 36 with a two measure diminuendo at the end
“B” ending:  Crescendo for four measures to m. 42 followed by a two measure diminuendo.  Crescendo the last two measures.

Senior Clarinet: Audition Audition Solo 3E, Andantino cantabile / Allegro agitato

Andante cantabile:
-Crescendo mm. 1 to 3 followed by a two measure decrescendo.
-Play the grace notes in m. 3 on the down beat with tenuto on first one.
-Subito mf in m. 5 with a two measure decrescendo. Follow written dynamics for the following two measures to end of section.
Allegro agitato:
-Crescendo from mm. 9-18, followed by a 3 measure diminuendo to m. 21.
-Crescendo from mm. 21-25 followed by a four measure dim in mm. 25-29.
-Crescendo m. 29 to second half of m. 31 with a diminuendo on the last sextuplet. 
“A” ending:  Crescendo for two measures to m. 35 followed by a diminuendo for three measures to the end. Be sure to ritard the last couple measures with a nice taper on the last note.
“B” ending:  Four-measure crescendo to m. 42 with a nice diminuendo and ritard on the last measure.


Download these performance notes [pdf].

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