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School of Music

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Alcalde, Bruno Assistant Professor / Music Theory 803-777-1501 music theory, Bruno Alcalde
Faculty Allison, David C. Interim Instructor of Trumpet School of Music
Faculty Anderson, Hassan Assistant Professor / Oboe Coordinator of Teaching Artistry 803-576-7900 Oboe, teaching artistry
Faculty Armstrong, Dominic Assistant Professor / Voice 803-576-7335
Faculty Bain, Reginald Professor / Composition and Theory / Director of the Experimental Computer Music Studio (xMUSE) 803-777-8183
Faculty Barnes, Gail Professor / Music Education 803-777-3389
Faculty Bates, William Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Bauer, John Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Berg, Christopher Carolina Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-7067
Staff Bergold, Sam Marketing/Communications Coordinator 803-777-9731 Koger Center for the Arts
Faculty Brunson, Tom Adjunct Instructor / Voice Voice
Faculty Bryant, Claire Assistant Professor / Cello 646-823-6761 Claire Bryant, cello
Staff Burney, Connor Administrative Assistant to Bands 803-777-4278
Faculty Bush, Phillip Professor / Piano / Chamber Music 803-777-5922
Faculty Butterfield, Craig Professor / Double Bass 803-777-4324
Faculty Calloway, Rachel Assistant Professor / Voice Director of Spark: Carolina's Leadership Laboratory 803-777-6006
Faculty Cannon, Cormac Associate Professor Director of Bands 803-777-4278
Staff Carey Bigony, Jillian Academic Advisor/ Undergraduate Students 803-777-5651 advisor, music advisor, undergraduate advising
Faculty Carrico, Alexandria Assistant Professor / Musicology and Ethnomusicology 803-576-1607 Music History Music History
Faculty Casey, Neil Instructor, Violin / Assistant Director of Orchestras / Music Director, USC Campus Orchestra / Conductor, Opera at USC 803-777-0536
Faculty Christie, Laury Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Clark, Colleen Assistant Professor / Jazz Studies 803-776-7746 Jazz, Drums
Faculty Creedle, Emily Director of the KinderFlute Columbia Carolina Music Studios
Staff Crovatt-Bagwell, Marlena D. Marketing Director 803-777-7962 Crovartt-Bagwell, Marlena D. Bagwell School of Music
Faculty Curry, Jerry Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Cutler, David Distinguished Professor / Entrepreneurship and Innovation 803-777-8361 Innovation, entrepreneurship
Faculty Davis, Ronald Professor / Tuba-Euphonium 803-777-6059
Faculty Douglas, Samuel O. Emeritus
Staff Earp, Caroline Director of Alumni & Donor Engagement 803-576-5763 Development
Faculty Eller, Joseph Professor / Clarinet 803-777-4728
Faculty Ernst, Sara M. Associate Professor / Piano and Piano Pedagogy Keyboard Area Coordinator / Director, Center for Piano Studies 803-777-1688
Faculty Fang, Man Associate Professor / Composition 803-776-5755
Staff Fife, Alexandra Administrative Coordinator to Bands 803-777-4278 Bands
Faculty Fink, Matthew Adjunct Instructor / Music Theory 803-777-1872 Music Theory
Staff Francis, Jeff B. Recording Engineer adjunct faculty 803-576-5639
Faculty Fugo, Charles L. Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-7374
Faculty Garner, David Kirkland Associate Professor / Composition and Theory 803-777-8365 David Kirkland Garner, composition, theory
Staff Gibson, Laveta Executive Assistant to the Dean 803-777-4336
Staff Gibson, Michael Facilities Supervisor 803-777-4279 facilities
Faculty Glass, Jabarie Assistant Professor Associate Director of Choral Studies 803-576-7617 Jabarie Glass Choral Studies
Faculty Goodwin, Gordon (Dick) Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Gowan, Andrew Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Graham, R. Douglas Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Gray, Donald Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-3531
Faculty Grgić, Mak Assistant Professor of Guitar 803-776-7894 Mak Grgic, guitar, guitarist Guitar
Faculty Haché, Michelle Instructor / Musical Theatre 803-776-7743 Musical Theatre
Staff Hair, Traci Student Services Coordinator / Graduate Studies 803-777-4106
Faculty Hall, Jim Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-622-4035
Faculty Hara, Kunio Associate Professor / Music History 803-777-2042
Faculty Harding, Tayloe Dean 803-777-4336
Faculty Harley, Michael Professor / Bassoon 803-777-4421
Staff Harris, Zach Finance Assistant 803-576-6374
Faculty Herring, Scott Professor / Percussion 803-777-2155
Faculty Hill-LaRoche, Serena Assistant Professor / Voice Director of Carolina Music Studios (CMS) 803-777-4026 voice
Faculty Hopkins, Janet Associate Professor / Voice 803-777-0772
Faculty Hoyt, Peter Adjunct / Music History 803-777-1872
Faculty Hubbert, Julie Professor / Music History / Core Faculty Film / Media Studies 803-777-3214
Staff Jablonski, Jennifer Assistant Dean / Enrollment Management 803-777-6614
Faculty Jacobs, Aletha Adjunct Instructor / Jazz Director of Carolina Alive 803-777-1872
Faculty Jacobs, Jay Associate Professor Associate Director of Bands / Director of Athletic Bands 803-777-4278 Bands
Faculty Jenkins, J. Daniel Associate Professor / Music Theory 803-777-4708
Faculty Jesselson, Robert Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Faculty Johnson, Birgitta Associate Professor / Ethnomusicology / African American Studies Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 803-777-8370
Faculty Knight, Adam Instructor / Guitar Adam Knight, jazz, guitar faculty, funk and fusion, composer, guitar ensembles Jazz
Faculty Kompass, Lynn Professor / Vocal Coach 803-777-1739
Staff LaRoche, Michael IT Support / Help Desk 803-777-0124
Faculty Leaman, Clifford Professor / Saxophone Associate Dean / Director, Graduate Studies 803-576-5893
Faculty Ligon, Bert Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-6565
Faculty Luehrsen, Mary Professor of Practice in Music Leadership and Advocacy leadership, advocacy
Staff Martin, Brad Assistant Director of Development 803-777-0704
Faculty Meccia, Lauren Instructor / Jazz Studies Assistant Director, Congaree New Horizons Band 864-590-2306 Jazz Jazz
Staff Mitchell, Jennifer Assistant Director, Music Admissions 803-777-4281 admissions
Faculty Nagel, Rebecca Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-0194
Staff Olivera, Claudio Staff Accompanist accompanist
Faculty Parker-Harley, Jennifer Professor / Flute 803-777-4853
Staff Peak, Mary Assistant Dean / Finance 803-777-5418 business
Faculty Polley, Jeremy Coordinator and Instructor of Music Industry Studies 803-777-8857 Music Industry
Faculty Portnoy, Donald Distinguished Professor Emeritus Ira McKissick Koger Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Fine Arts
Faculty Price, Scott Carolina Distinguished Professor of Music / Piano and Piano Pedagogy Coordinator of Piano Pedagogy 803-777-1870
Staff Rattray, Sharon Staff Accompanist
Faculty Rogers, John Fitz Professor / Composition 803-576-5753
Faculty Roy, Omar Assistant Professor / Piano and Piano Pedagogy Coordinator of Group Piano 803-776-7733 Piano, piano pedagogy
Faculty Russell, Thomas Adjunct Instructor of Organ Organ
Faculty Schlaefer, Ellen Douglas Professor / Director of Opera at USC Director of Opera Studies and Musical Theatre 803-777-0058
Faculty Schlegel, Amanda Assistant Professor / Instrumental Music Education 803-777-1793 instrumental music education
Faculty Shaw, JD Associate Professor / Horn 803-777-3195
Staff Smith, Lisa Administrative Assistant / Choral Studies / Opera 803-777-5369
Faculty Stallard, Tina Milhorn Professor of Voice / Soprano / Associate Dean / Director of Undergraduate Studies 803-777-0062
Faculty Streisfeld, Ari Associate Professor / Violin and Violin Pedagogy 803-777-5000 violin, viola, pedagogy, ari streisfeld
Faculty Stuart, Greg Associate Professor / Experimental Music Performance / Music Literature 803-777-0227
Faculty Susi, Nicholas Assistant Professor of Piano 803-576-7892 Nick Susi, piano, Nicholas Susi PIano
Faculty Sweaney, Daniel Associate Professor / Viola 803-777-4114
Faculty Terwilliger, William Professor / Violin 803-777-5702
Staff Trenary, Jason Director of Information Technology 803-777-5360
Faculty Valerio, John Adjunct Instructor / Jazz 803-777-1872
Faculty Valerio, Wendy H. Professor / Music Education 803-777-5382
Staff Vaz, Audra Assistant Dean for Advancement Senior Director of Development 803-777-9732 Senior Director of Development, Assistant Dean for Advancement
Faculty Walker, Alicia Professor Director of Choral Studies 803-777-1406
Faculty Weiss, Scott Sarah Bolick Smith Distinguished Professor of Music / Director of Orchestras 803-777-6251
Faculty White, Matt Associate Professor / Jazz Studies 803-776-7793 Jazz. Music
Faculty Wilkinson, Michael Assistant Professor / Trombone 803-777-1869 trombone
Faculty Will, Jacob Professor of Voice / Associate Dean of Administration 803-777-1310
Staff Williams, Paul Director / Piano Services 803-777-4392
Faculty Williams, Sarah Associate Professor / Music History 803-777-1759
Faculty Wrighten, Quintus Instructor/ Assistant Director of Bands Associate Director of Athletic Bands 803-576-7763 Band, Athletic Bands
Faculty Wyatt, Larry Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-2454
Staff Zeigler, Margee Student Services Coordinator / Undergraduate 803-777-4335

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