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  • SAVVY 2023

SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge

Immersive "Innovation GAME" with Real-World Results

June 3–9, 2023 - Columbia, SC

For Performing/Visual Artists & Arts Administrators

SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge (SAVVY) is a revolutionary professional development workshop hosted by the University of South Carolina. This immersive, weeklong “innovation GAME” challenges a diverse mosaic of 75 arts participants (spanning ages, races, religions, geographies, and disciplines) to solve a problem related to the arts and compete for awards.

The GAME: Each of eight SAVVY teams is paired with a partner organization committed to some aspect of social justice. Navigating a carefully architected process, they must design innovative arts-based solutions that effectively addresses their partner’s concern. 

Throughout the week, participants experience Overtures (keynotes), Huddles (innovation/social justice workshops), Puzzler-U (strategy sessions), Daily Danzes (various art forms teach lessons on success), and lots of TeamTime. They also have ample access to their partner organization. Attendees work closely with world-renowned thought leaders who serve as coaches and consultants.  Culminating in a public competition, the winning proposal receives financial and project support, to be realized locally within the next year.

One remarkable aspect of our program involves “curating” an extraordinary, diverse participant mosaic spanning ages (18-70), regions, races, religions, geographies, and disciplines (music, theatre, dance, art, graphic design, and arts administration). This kind of diversity not only mirrors the kind of world in which so many of us aspire to live, but optimizes conditions for innovation. 

Alumni regularly claim that SAVVY was the most engaging, enlightening, transformative professional development of their lives. If you hope to positively impact social justice, expand the power of the arts, and experience greater professional success, SAVVY will prove pivotal. 

Isn’t it time you got SAVVY? 

“What I expected was practical advice about making it in the arts. What I got was unparalleled artistic liberation that makes me believe I can conquer the world.”

Tuition Scholarships Available


Top 10 Reasons to Attend SAVVY Season 7

1. Experiential Education

SAVVY is no lecture fest! Attendees work on teams to solve a complex, relevant, arts-based challenge.

2. Social Justice
Season 7 tackles a variety of challenges around social justice and equity. 
3. Transferable Skills

Develop hard- and soft-skills around innovation, collaboration, project management, and more.

4. EDI Training
 A number of sessions focus on empathy, equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.
5. Community Partners
Collaborate closely with a social justice focused organization.
6. Diverse Network
Our rich participant mosaic combines performing/visual artists and arts administrators spanning disciplines, backgrounds, ages, and geographies.
7. Powerhouse Faculty
Work closely with an all-star roster of visionary thought leaders. 
8. Tuition Scholarships
Up to full tuition scholarships available!
9. Rewarding Experience
Participation is fun, meaningful, and likely to transform your vision of success.
10. Change History
The winning proposal receives financial and project support!


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